The New Suns Climate Fiction Award 2022/ How To Apply(Prize; 500 + Certificate)

The New Suns Climate Fiction Award is a new award category under the Omega Sci-fi Awards. It encourages emerging science fiction writers to reimagine new ways of living and depict humanity exploring and overcoming today’s climate and biodiversity crises through an original short science fiction story.

The “New Suns Climate Fiction Award” will also be awarded to an outstanding environmental themed story. They are specifically seeking stories of hope rather than stories of doom and apocalypse.

Themes and topics writers might explore include:
● Unexpected and new discoveries.
● Green solutions rather than purely technical solutions.
● The intersection of climate change with many environmental issues: water, energy, pollution, deforestation, habitat
and species loss, etc.
● The intersection of climate change with many social justice issues: inequity, human rights, gender equality,
conflict, forced migration, food and water shortages, war, migration, etc.
● More localized, geographical impacts of climate change (such as extreme weather disasters).
● How nature has adapted to climate change.
● How people react and change as we implement solutions.
● Inspiration from current developments and exploration of what might happen if a certain solution is implemented:
local solutions, research, etc.
● A focus on what’s current that can be addressed today (not just far into the future).
● Stories focused on more localized impacts of climate change, such as geographical events like extreme weather
disasters or specific issues about your locale, such as species extinction, air quality, etc.
Stories are only eligible for one prize. Stories not chosen for the New Suns Climate Fiction Award will be considered for the Roswell Award prize.


Eligibility for the New Suns Climate Fiction Award 

  • Authors must be at least 17 years of age.
  • It is open to citizens of any nation
  • The entry is free!
  • Deadline is on the 19th of December, 2022.
  • Submit via the official link 

The New Suns Climate Fiction Award

Submission Guidelines

● Focus on telling an engaging story with strong characters, imagery, mood, tone, themes, etc.
● Don’t be afraid to experiment with your writing style.
● Know the difference between science fiction and fantasy – don’t submit a story about magic. However, they do accept a broad range of science fiction genre types, including science fiction with fantastical elements. Feel free to contact the competition organizer with questions.
● Read the competition description carefully. Think about what interesting themes you can weave into
your narrative.
● Polish your work – make sure to carefully edit your story, correct errors, and improve your telling.
● Ask someone to proofread your story before submitting your story.
● HAVE FUN! Don’t stress too much and have fun with your story writing. Write about what interests you!


New Suns Climate Fiction Award
● Cash Prize: $500 USD

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