The Latinx Project Calls For Pitches/ How To Submit (Payment: $500)
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The Latinx Project Calls For Pitches/ How To Submit (Payment: $500)

The Latinx Project at New York University explores and promotes U.S. Latinx Art, Culture and Scholarship through creative and interdisciplinary programs. 

This a call for Pitches; Re-Collections: Unmounting Colonial Histories. In conjunction with TLP’s Spring 2024 exhibition curated by Daniel Arturo Almeida, Intervenxions will publish a series of texts on themes underscoring historical contexts and drawing links to contemporary currents in Latinx arts, politics, and culture. They are interested in essays on the following topics:

  • Cultural extraction and restitution
  • Radical museology
  • Decolonizing archives and conservation
  • Re-interpreting museum collections
  • Reclaimed narratives
  • Rematriation
  • Eurocentric archeology and colonial violence
  • Diasporic frameworks and resistance
  • Monuments and memory
  • Colonial anthropology
  • Decolonial pedagogy
  • Ancestral knowledge systems

Submission Guidelines For The Latinx Project

  • Please send all pitches (no more than 250 words) to by November 12, 2023.
  • Include a brief biography (100 words or less) with your pitch.
  • Selected writers will undergo an editorial process that will include at least two rounds of edits with the Intervenxions editorial team.
  • Submissions can expect a response within 1-2 weeks, unless otherwise instructed. However, they will not respond to pitches that do not adhere to their guidelines.
  • Currently, they do not publish fiction or poetry. 
  • Please do not send pitches as an attachment; please include them in the body of your email.
  • They prefer not to receive completed drafts or manuscripts.
  • Please inquire about Spanish-language and bilingual submissions.
  • Do not send any attachments unless you are including materials related to your pitch.
  • Please hyperlink online sources whenever possible. For in-text citations and endnotes, please use Chicago Manual of Style.
  • For interviews, please have audio or transcript available upon request.
  • Drafts should prioritize clear and concise language, as well as strike a balance between a casual, yet informed tone.
  • The thesaurus is your friend. Avoid redundancy, such as the same redundant word or redundant phrase used twice in an already redundant sentence or paragraph.
  • For additional guidance on editorial content and the scope of the publication, they encourage you to review past contributions.
  • They do not italicize words in a foreign language unless for emphasis. Also, Spanglish is cool.
  • Please submit drafts as a Word document—bonus points if you use Google Docs. PDFs create extra work to convert them into another format and we edit collaboratively using shared Google Docs.
  • A kill fee equal to half the agreed upon honorarium will be issued for unpublished drafts.
  • If for any reason the selected piece does not get published, writers will be offered a kill fee equivalent to half of the honorarium.

Does The Latinx Project Pay Contributors?

The Latinx Project offers modest honorarium for independent writers, graduate students, and freelance contributors. This includes faculty not currently in a tenured position. Their rates are as follows:

  • $250 for reviews (book, film, art exhibition, television, music, etc.), Q&A interviews, short essays (1,000 to 1,500 words).
  • $400 for personal essays, photo essays, and miscellaneous texts.
  • $500 for original essays (1,500 words or more), profile writing, and long-form content (interviews, essays, conversations, etc. over 3,000 words.

*Contributors receive an honorarium of $500 for original essays, which they currently prioritize over interviews and reviews.

Deadline For Submissions

They will not accept any submissions after November 12, 2023.

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