Mukoma wa Ngugi and Laura Murphy are teaming up to celebrate and publish popular and not-so popular writing from Africa for a speacial edition of the New Orleans Review. It’s a fabulous avenue for writers to get their works into the public arena.

What Are The Editors Looking For”

Literature (prose, poetry, drama and others they can’t predict).

According to the press release, they are also seeking “critical essays that expand the dimensions of African literature, contribute defiant visions, provide new translations, or revise narratives of the tradition or the hustle.”

Isn’t that interesting?

When African literature is published in the West, it is too often realist, in English, and always in the spirit of Chinua Achebe. But romance, science fiction, fantasy, epic, experimental poetry, satire, political allegory all find expression in Africa, though not necessarily publication. Those who are called to write often have to hustle to get recognition by writing a coming-of-age colonial encounter tale or hustle even harder to have their unique voices heard.”

What Else Would They Prefer?

Ensure that prose submissions are 7,500 words or fewer; poetry submissions five poems or fewer. You They accept simultaneous submissions.

Submission deadline: December 31, 2016.

Send all submissions to noreview at loyno dot edu

Click HERE to submit and to learn more about the web issue.

Note that there is a $3 reading fee applicable.

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