Superhero Competition Prize/ How to Apply ($500 + More)
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Superhero Competition Prize/ How to Apply ($500 + More)

Superhero Competition Prize is now open. The deadline is 15th of April 2023.

Superhero Competition Prize

The superhero competition aims at the concept of ‘Saving the world’. This is the basic job description of most superheroes, but who on Earth is going to help ‘save the planet’? Maybe that’s where you as a writer, come in!

As part of the Green Stories Competition, this contest challenges you to create an uplifting short story of superheroes that respond to climate change. Imagine your target audience to be teens and young adults that enjoy watching superhero films or reading superhero comics. 


Eligibility for the Superhero Competition Prize


  • Anyone can apply
  • Applicants must be from age 14+
  • There is no entry fee.
  • Deadline is April 15th.

Submission Guidelines

There are two key priorities:

  1. Story telling ability – the story should be engaging and
  2. Incorporate green solutions e.g. by showcasing what a green/sustainable society might look like and/or how we might get there. Smuggling green solutions into a story aimed at mainstream readers – this can be quite subtle. And also, using positive role models
  3. It is NOT enough to just raise awareness of environmental issues, you need to show how we might solve them.
  4. Drawing on your own experiences of climate change, entries from adults that live /have lived in the following countries are especially welcome (but not essential): India, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, South Sudan, Mali, Niger, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, or Brazil.
  5. Please only submit if you meet the criteria of highlighting climate solutions (just raising awareness of problems is not enough). Every entry costs the organizers money and provides work for the judges. As a free competition, they cannot afford to process entries that do not fit what was asked for.
  6. The word limit is 2,000 words. Please write in English. Open to adults, and teenagers aged 14+. The deadline is 15th April 2023. Good luck!
  7. Submit via this application link. 
  8. Review the questions below to gauge how your story will be judged
Superhero Competition Prize
These questions can guide you






The winner will receive:  

  • £500 prize* (~$600). 
  • A scene from your story turned into a 1 page comic strip, made by a professional artist! (The same artist that made the illustration shown here). 


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