Richard J. Margolis Award ($5,000 + Residency at Blue Mountain Center)/ How to Submit.


The Richard J. Margolis Award is given yearly, to a promising new journalist or essayist whose nonfiction work is a mix of humor, wisdom, brilliance and speaks mainly on issues of social justice.

​The award is given to honor the life of Richard J. Margolis (1929-1991), who was a renowned journalist, essayist and poet. He gave a voice to the rural poor, migrant farmworkers, Native Americans, aging adults and others whose voices were never heard. He also wrote several  books for children.


•Applicants are to submit a cover letter, a project description that has details of current and anticipated works as well as a short bio. Applications are to include 2-3 non-fiction writing samples of about 30 pages.


•This award has no restrictions what so ever. Applicants could be from any country. The same goes for age. There is no age restriction.

• RJM award requires originally written pieces belonging to the applicant. If it is in anyway discovered that the applicant made use of a write up not belonging to them, they would be disqualified.


•This award requires no theme in particular, however, it emphasizes that works submitted should speak on Social Justice.

It is advisable that participants write about something innovative and impacting. Social Justice could come in any form.  It could be about an ideology, a social vice, an issue that has been neglected in the society or something that defines the society. Whatever you wish to write about is up to you.


 •The prize for this award is  $5,000, with a one-month residency at Blue Mountain Center, an acclaimed writers’ and artists’ colony in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. 

The deadline for this award is 1st July, 2020. 


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Good Luck!

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