Random House Canada is Currently Accepting Submissions/ How to Submit (Award: Book Contract)
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Random House Canada is Currently Accepting Submissions/ How to Submit (Award: Book Contract)

Random House Canada is excited to open its submissions window exclusively to LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC writers, as well as those from other traditionally underrepresented communities.

And in effect of this, Random House Canada has also called for unsolicited and unagented work be sent directly to their editors within the RHC division at randomhousecanadasubmissions@penguinrandomhouse.com. Their hope is that this will go a small way toward removing some of the barriers that have existed for writers developing their craft outside of traditional avenues of literary exposure.

In particular, their editors are looking for high quality commercial fiction in the following genres: literary, romance, speculative fiction, historical fiction, and mystery.

Please note that they do not currently accept screenplays, stage plays, young adult fiction, children’s fiction, or picture book queries. All non-fiction submissions must be submitted via a literary agent.

Submission Guidelines for Random House Canada


A great submission typically includes:

  • A strong query letter. This will tell them about your project and includes recent comparison (“comp”) titles, an author bio, and any content warnings for sensitive material in your submission.
  • Sample pages. They encourage you to submit the first three chapters of your manuscript either as a .docx attachment or as a PDF.
  • A brief synopsis. They ask that you submit a summary of your plot (which includes the ending) that is 500 words or less either as a .docx attachment or as a PDF.
  • For a full manuscript, there are no strict restrictions on length. As a guideline, fiction manuscripts often fall between 70,000 and 100,000 words (or up to 120,000 words for speculative fiction).
  • the submissions inbox is open year-round.

What Happens Once You Submit

  • Their editorial team will discuss your submission and get back to you within six months if interested in the project.
  • Due to the high volume of submissions they receive, they won’t be able to respond to every submission, but please know that each submission will be read and considered with care.

Random House Canada


  • Once your work is accepted, publications shall be discussed.

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