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Prof. Chinua Achebe’s Memoir

Prof. Chinua Achebe, Renowned Author of Things Fall Apart.

Renowned author, Chinua Achebe has finally published his memoir.

The memoir titled ‘There was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra’ chronicles his experience of the Biafran Civil War (1967 – 1970), when Biafra briefly seceded from Nigeria.

I really look forward to reading a Biafran War memoir by Prof. Chinua Achebe. i have been fascinated by other accounts of the Nigerian/Biafran civil war. I enjoyed the accounts by Col. Alexander Madiebo, Barr. Bernard Dim Odogwu, Major Wale Ademoyega, Frederick Foresythe  and the account by Major Fola Oyewole. I found all those accounts thrilling and informative. A new account from Prof. Chinua Achebe’s point of view will definitely be enlightening.

“There Was a Country” was published in the UK on Thursday, 27 September by Allen Lane, a division of Penguin.

According to a press release, “There Was a Country” will soon be released in Nigeria. The memoir will be released in the United States on October 11.

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