Press Release: The SBMEN Fiction and Non-Fiction Editing Workshop

SBMEN Fiction and Non-Fiction Editing Workshop

Lagos, September 2019— The Society of Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) held its third editing workshop for the year themed: The Fundamentals of Fiction and Non-Fiction Editing from 21 to 22 September 2019.

This two-day workshop was attended by writers and editors who were interested in refreshing their knowledge, honing their craft and transiting to developmental editing. The training explored a broad range of subjects from the elements of fiction; detecting common mistakes in manuscripts, the elements of non-fiction, the business of freelancing, and developmental editing.

It was facilitated by a rich coterie of editorial experts including Adebukola Bassey, Founding Editor, BMS Editorial Services; Tahirah Sagaya, Senior Editor, Quramo Publishing; Eghosa Imasuen,  Co-founder, Narrative Landscape Press; Anwuli Ojogwu, ED/co-founder, SBMEN, and Cheluchi Onyemelukwe-Onuobia, author of The Son of the House (2019).

According to one of the participants, Joy Chime, a consulting editor at Sabi Writers company, who attended the workshop, “It was such an amazing, awesome time on both days.”

Here are some selected photos from the workshop.


The Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN) is a new educational and professional association that represents and supports aspiring and existing editorial professionals to develop editorial skills that meet global best practices. It is also extended to other professionals who work within publications, broadcasting, digital media, legal services, communications, public relations and academia. The organisation provides training and resources for professionals to increase their proficiency in editing

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