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Opportunity For Travel Writers: Win An All-expenses Paid Trip To Argentina!

Are you a professional travel writer?

Yes? Then this is for you. Win an all-expenses paid travel writing mentorship in Argentina. Please note, that you have got barely two weeks left to apply, so kick self-doubt away and start writing!

Winners, in Buenos Aires during an intense 4-day workshop with professional travel writer and contributor to The New York Times, Tim Neville will have the opportunity of honing their skills. Then they will spend 10 days exploring specific regions with the local masters of adventure at Say Hueque.

How to I apply?

  • Write your story

    Compose a 2500 character travel story around one of the following themes:

    • ‘Making a local connection’
    • ‘The last thing I expected’
    • ‘A decision that pushed me to the edge’
  • Complete the application form

    In 1500 characters or less tell us why you should be the scholarship recipient and what winning this opportunity would mean to you. Your answer will hold considerable weight in the judging process.


    – Strictly one application per person.

    – The application must be submitted in English.

    – You will not be able to go back and edit your story, so make sure you are satisfied with your essay before you submit your application.

    Apply now


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