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NUJ Young Journalists Award 2024/ How To Submit (Pay: £1,000)

The Orwell Society/ NUJ Young Journalists Award 2024 stands as a beacon for young, aspiring journalists in the UK, offering a prestigious platform to showcase their talent and dedication.

With a rich legacy inspired by George Orwell’s iconic works, this award not only celebrates journalistic excellence but also honors Orwell’s profound influence on the craft.

Submission Guidelines For NUJ Young Journalists Award 2024

  • Aspiring participants are invited to submit their entries in a Word file format, adhering to specific formatting requirements.
  • Each submission should begin with a cover page containing essential personal details and end with a word count for each task.
  • Entries should be double-spaced in 12 pt Times Roman font with numbered pages.

What They Want

  • The competition offers two distinct tasks for entrants: an arts review or a political column, each requiring a minimum of 600 and a maximum of 700 words.
  • The arts review should delve into a chosen subject, such as a book, film, play, or art exhibition, catering to a specific target audience/publication.
  • Alternatively, the political column allows participants to express their insights on a political subject of their choice, accompanied by a headline and target audience/publication indication.

What They Don’t Want

  • Entries failing to meet the specified word count or journalism format requirements will not be considered.
  • Additionally, submissions lacking in-depth subject knowledge, intellectual rigor, or coherent argumentation may not fare well with the judging panel.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Young UK-based journalists, including student journalists and those currently employed or self-employed in the field, are eligible to participate.
  • Entrants must have a date of birth falling in or after 1994 and be full-time residents in the UK.
  • It’s crucial for participants to review and adhere to the detailed eligibility criteria outlined by the organizing committee.

Author Rights

The Orwell Society gets first publication rights and subsequent publication permissions for the winning and runner-up entries.

Winners and runners-up are expected to fulfill ambassadorial and promotional duties with The Orwell Society as part of their recognition.


The deadline for submission is 12:00 midnight on Sunday, 7th April 2024. Entrants must ensure timely submission of their entries to the designated email address: info@orwellsociety.com.


Winners of each category will receive a cash prize of £1,000, along with an NUJ membership.

Runners-up in each category will be awarded a prize of £500. Additionally, all winners and runners-up will receive a three-year free membership of The Orwell Society.

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