TheParkingSpot Travel Writing Scholarship & Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2021
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TheParkingSpot Travel Writing Scholarship & Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2021

theParkingSpot Travel Writing Essay Prize 2021 ( Prize: Scholarship worth $1000 USD)

The Parking Spot is awarding a $1,000 scholarship to a prospective college student that submits a winning essay on the topic, “What is your favorite vacation memory and why?”

How to submit: Essay submissions must be 500 words or less. All entries must be electronically sent to

Send your essay submission to us as an email attachment with the subject line “Scholarship Essay Submission.”

Before you apply, please read the submissions and eligibility guidelines for theParkingSpot 2021 scholarship.

You may also be interesting in applying for The Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2021. :

Eager to transform your passion for writing into a profession? Apply for the 2021 Nomad Travel Writing Scholarship.

In the 2021 Travel Writing Scholarship, your assignment will be to go to the heart of Beijing, and write about it all!

 A writer will spend five days under the mentorship of Rough Guides writer Martin Zatko to review and update the Beijing chapters of ‘The Rough Guide to China. Then join international travel journalist, Kit Gillet, to explore the hidden charms of his backyard before heading off on a 3-day Chinese food adventure with Hias Gourmet.

Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2021

How To Apply for the Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship 2021?

Submit your best travel essay; and tell the judges why you should be chosen as the scholarship winner.

Guidelines for the Nomads travel Essay 2021

Travel essay must be 2500 characters or less (this includes spaces). travel essay must be based on a personal experience around one of the following themes;
a. ‘Catching a Moment’
b. ‘Understanding a Culture through Food’
c. ‘A Local Encounter that Changed my Perspective’
d. ‘Sharing Stories – A Glimpse into Another’s Life’
It’s up to you to convince our judging panel through your writing that you have the spirit of adventure and passion for travel writing to be chosen for this scholarship. We will be looking for:

– great descriptive ability
– strong eye for detail
– ability to uncover and tell a compelling story
– excellent spelling and grammar and a knack for avoiding clichés

2. Complete an entry form which includes contact details and a maximum 1200 character essay on why you should be chosen and what the opportunity will mean for you. Your answer will provide considerable weight in the judging process.

Only one entry per person is permitted
Entry must be submitted in English.

Who can apply for the Nomads Travel Writing Scholarship ?

* This opportunity is open to students, emerging and non-professional writers and lovers of travel looking for a career change.
* The scholarship is open to all nationalities, however, you must have an exceptionally high degree of proficiency in written English.
* The opportunity is designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to be a travel writer on the road, so you must be comfortable doing some travel on your own.

* Minimum age 18 by the date the scholarship application closes (April 19, 2013)
* Must have a current passport with at least six months left before expiry.
* Must be available as per the dates set out. Please note these dates are not changeable in any way, you must be available for the entire assignment.

* You should be an exceptional writer with a lust for adventure travel, a desire to experience new cultures and above all, a burning desire to become a professional travel writer!



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