Guest Post: Writing Gives Me a Voice

Muhammed Abdullahi ( @Oxygenmat
In the post Why We Write, there was a lot of musing on the highs and insecurities of the writing life. 
Today, Muhammed Abdullahi ( @Oxygenmat, an expert freelance writer and the CEO of Naija Writers’ Coach writes a treatise on why he writes in this guest post. 

Writing Gives Me a Voice

“If you would not be forgotten,
As soon as you are dead and rotten,
Either write things worth reading,
Or do things worth the writing.” 
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790), US author and politician
In the world of today where information has become priceless and communication indispensable, everyone desires to be able to share his ideas in writing with others. None is pleased with the spectator’s role of watching history as it unfolds. Each man craves to dictate how history is told. I am no exception.
I’m fed up with being at the receiving end as I want to express myself, write to right, to efface menaces, to remedy maladies, convince my audience and propagate my ideas. Gone are the days I used to think online write-ups were scribbled by some word-spinning bots. What I believe now? Of course, that it’s ordinary people like me who are shaping history. And I’ve got benefits I can give humanity too.
Writing is about the best, the most far-reaching and permanent medium of expressing an opinion that there is. It is rare, if not impossible, to come across a person who would declare with impunity: “I hate writing! I do not wish to know how to assemble words in print to express my thought and sell my views.” But many only wish, few actually write.
I can’t claim to be a writing guru. But I dare to say writing gives me tremendous joy, and it has brought me a fortune too. I’ve won a number of national essay writing contests, so you can be sure it’s something I have a flair for…my very specialty. I’ve written a couple of opinion pieces published in national dailies and read hundreds of others, so I guess I’m really addicted to the craft. My slogan is: “A writer can with word move the world a bit, if he knows how to write right.”
My advice to readers? Writing is an impressive way of selling your ideas and contributing your quota to burning local, national or global issues. You know – you don’t want yourself rendered irrelevant in public discourses, but anybody could become excommunicated. Only writers may not!  Hence, you can’t afford but to be a writer, and a formidable one at that. It is said, and I think rightly, that everyone has an opinion. So, if you have a strong opinion about something, why not let the world know?
Now the question for many aspiring writers is: “How do I write good pieces?” The answer is plain. The best way to learn how to write is by writing. It may seem illogical, but that’s the truth. Now listen…how do you learn to walk? By walking, right? How do you learn to speak if not by speaking?
Writing demands commitment, perseverance and concerted self-motivation. If you want to be a proficient writer, then you need consistency. One way I achieve that is to enter regular essay contests. Chioma Iwunze-Ibiamalso enters regular short story contests and she even wins some as she related in her recent piece which motivated what you’re reading now..
So just summon the courage and start from somewhere. Do not wait, no ifs or buts, just start and soon, you’d be a good writer. What then are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you rather pick your pen and start scribbling? May your ink flow freely and may your writings achieve the right things.

Muhammed Abdullahi teaches ‘how to write right‘ at Naija Writers Coach. 

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