Exciting Ankara Press Romances Now Available on Okada Books!
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Exciting Ankara Press Romances Now Available on Okada Books!

The beautiful Ankara Press Romance novels are finally available on the OkadaBooks store. Discover a brand new kind of romance, where the thrill of fantasy is alive …

A Tailor-Made Romance

Phoenix Advertising Agency rising star Tishe is looking forward to her first date with the sharply-dressed Adnan. But she is horrified when she finds out that he is a tailor from Mushin.  She vows that there will be no second date…ever. Will Tishe give Adnan a second chance? Find out in this racy romancehere.

Finding Love Again

For poet and recently jilted bride Kambi, the serene Obudu Mountain Resort is the perfect place to finish her poetry collection and heal her broken heart. But along comes Beba, the gorgeous, olive-skinned man from her past. In the lush mountain setting, can Kambi resist Beba’s charms? If you’re wondering what happened in this debut novel written by our ownby Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam, find out in Finding Love Again

The Elevator Kiss

It’s Christmas Day and Sindi has been invited to her friend’s stunning new apartment for dinner. She finds herself in the elevator with a handsome man in a blue cotton suit. Their impromptu kiss under the mistletoe ignites unanticipated desire … follow the journey of love between an ambitious young woman and her irresistible man in The Elevator Kiss.

Black Sparkle Romance

Meet Mira Adure: an ambitious, creative twenty-something stuck working as PA to the ruthless editor of high fashion magazine Black Sparkle. Her work is tedious, but her love life is even worse … and then she crashes her car into the flashy Mercedes of the gorgeous, tiger-eyed Dominic. Will sparks fly? Find out in Black Sparkle Romance.

The Seeing Place

Hot-shot producer Thuli Poni is holding auditions in Cape Town. Andile Sebe is an up-and-coming star. Thuli casts Andile and challenges him to link his painful past with the role he is portraying, leading him to open up to her. The two fall for each other and a passionate romance ensues. Will she play a part in Andile’s rise to fame, or will she hinder it? FInd out in The Seeing Place

Love’s Persuasion

Ada and Tony’s love of books draws them close together and they embark on a secret but passionate affair. They soon discover that the course of love does not run smooth. And their passion for each other is truly tested as they fight to persuade themselves and the world that love, in the end, trumps social status.  But will love triumph? Find out in Love’s Persuasion

A Taste Of Love

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Yet in this delectable romance it is Toby, manager of cool Jos hangout lounge, the Bar-Rage, who wins over feisty single mum and successful cake-maker Adoo Ibi with his tasty pizza. Will Toby and Adoo overcome their pasts and embrace the present, or will they only have A Taste of Love? Find out here.

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