Emotional Baggage/ How to Pitch (Payment: $500)
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Emotional Baggage/ How to Pitch (Payment: $500)

Emotional Baggage is a series by AirBnb magazine exploring how travel can help heal mental illness. They are currently seeking pitches; their pay rate is from $500 and up per essay. 

According to the editors: “This series will explore the intersections of mental health, identity, and travel. In particular, we will unpack the idea of who travels, and the role travel can play in personal growth and healing, especially for people living with mental health conditions.

Many of us can’t heal in the same place where we got sick — and travel can give us the spaciousness and perspective we need to reset and reorient ourselves.

“Travel as medicine” (rather than escapism) might be a provocative idea, but when so much of our mental health can be impacted by place and environment, it’s not a stretch to imagine that travel can be utilized as a powerful, restorative experience for those who are struggling.”


  • There is no submission fee.
  • Any writer who has a story to tell on the subject can pitch.

How to Pitch:

  • Follow this link for the form.
  • Check out this Twitter thread on pitching, written by one of the editors.


  • Emotional Baggage pays from $500 upward per essay.



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