Dollars And Sense Calls For Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $250 – $450)
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Dollars And Sense Calls For Submissions/ How To Submit (Pay: $250 – $450)

Dollars and Sense is a progressive economics magazine. This is a call for submissions, inviting writers to contribute and engage with economic issues.

This article serves as a comprehensive guide, providing insights into the submission process, preferred formats, and what the magazine is seeking.

Submission Guidelines For Dollars And Sense Magazine

Dollars & Sense prides itself on being a magazine that explains the workings of the economy and explores efforts to bring about change in a popular and accessible manner.

Writers are encouraged to tackle a broad spectrum of economic issues, ranging from the environment and community organizing to urban conflict, inflation, unemployment, union reform, welfare, and changes in government regulation.

The magazine’s diverse readership includes students, community activists, organizers, labor leaders, environmentalists, and economists.

Articles are typically geared toward a high school reading level.

The magazine welcomes submissions on any economic theme.

It encourages freelance writers to familiarize themselves with the publication by reading samples in the archives before submitting.

The formats accepted include features (1500 to 3000 words), Active Culture briefs (250 to 400 words), reviews (700 words), and other submissions of varying lengths.

The content should have a clear economic focus.

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What They Want

Dollars & Sense seeks in-depth articles exploring a broad range of economic topics.

They are interested in pieces that delve into activism, such as shareholder campaigns or union victories, through their Active Culture briefs.

Additionally, they welcome reviews covering recent books, movies, and other media with economic relevance.

What They Don’t Want

The magazine does not recommend sending complete drafts initially. Instead, they prefer writers to submit queries accompanied by a detailed proposal or outline.

Writers are advised to avoid sending materials that don’t align with the magazine’s focus on economic issues.

Submission Process

Writers can send their submissions to Editors, Dollars & Sense, 95 Berkeley Street, Suite 305, Boston, MA 02116.

However, the magazine prefers to receive submissions via email:

They request queries, as these will go to the Editorial Collective, which meets monthly.

Writers should anticipate several months between submission and response due to the collective review process.


According to their editor, they pay $250 for shorter pieces and $450 for features. For more information, refer to their website.


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