Cfwriterz Writing Award Open For Submission; 100,000 naira up for grabs —
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Cfwriterz Writing Award Open For Submission; 100,000 naira up for grabs —

Cfwriterz calls writers to submit entries for its writing prize. The theme of this year’s edition is “Wings to Fly”. Cfwriterz is a Magazine site and digital book publisher started in Nigeria in 2016. It emerged from being a small literary community on Facebook. Cfwriterz is a place where young and emerging African writers can publish short stories, poetry and long-form non-fiction.

Submission Guidelines:
• The prize is open to African writers of any background, and/or residence.
• Entries submitted must be in English Language.
• Maximum word counts are 3000 words for pieces of fiction, and 3000 words for non-fiction and 30 lines for Poetry.
• Send only up to one poem at a time but adhere to the prescribed length. Multiple entries are not allowed.

• Original, unpublished pieces are more preferred, but published pieces are still acceptable, provided you indicate how, where and when your work was published .
• Please indicate whether your submission is an excerpt from your book.
• Similarly, translations are welcome, as long as the source text and author is credited.


This year’s prize of 100,000 naira would be awarded to a single top literary piece from any genre:
– Fiction,
– Poetry or
– Nonfiction

Selection Process:
• Editors will select and publish a long list within a week after end of submission.
• The judges will read through and select the shortlist while readers would simultaneously be allowed to vote for 1-2 weeks.
• The site will announce titles accepted for the Magazine and the winning entry sometime in late December or Early January 2019.

November 20th, 2018.

To submit your entry, visit

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