Call For Submissions: Writers Wanted

If you’re a writer and are interested in reading or writing about Nigerians in Nigeria, and Nigerians in diaspora, then this is for you. is interested in publishing news, opinions, fiction, memoir, poetry and art from or about Nigerians.

It also has a category about Nigerian humour, stories and entertainment.

Their goal is to show case Nigeria is the best possible light.  So curates the best news about Nigeria from all over the world.

There’s a section for foreign news and news about Africa, but the main focus is Nigeria and Nigerians.

Writers are needed for the following categories.

  1. Politics – opinions and analysis and commentary
  2. Sports- (football and any sport news) – opinions and analysis and commentary
  3. Economy – ideas , opinions and commentary on other articles around the web
  4. Stories /experiences of Nigerians in other countries
  5. Stories of foreigners about Nigeria and Nigerians
  6. Cartoonist or meme creator

And many more.

They are open to ideas. If you think an idea will work, please email Uto Akan, the editor at [email protected]

So what do you gain?

Your article will be read by Nigerians in Nigeria and Nigerians all over the world.

Will Contributors receive payment?

Regular Contributors will be paid when the site begins to generate revenue.

How do you send submissions and inquiries?

Please send an email with your samples and/or ideas to  [email protected]

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