Everything You Need To Know About Ben Peter’s New Titles, Get Set, March And Clearing Your Mental Deck

Ben Peter,an internationally known business executive and leadership scholar, has just released two inspirational non-fiction titles. His new books are titled, Get Set, March and Clearing Your Mental Deck.

Both books are a must-read for everyone who wants to excel in business, and life as a whole. This prolific author, and business development expert outperformed himself. If you’ve read many of Ben Peter’s works, you’ll definitely agree.

Ben Peter

Widely regarded as one of the world’s leading business strategists, Ben Peter has helped countless people to reignite their passion for life through:

  • health products,
  • live events,
  • personal mentoring,
  • and coaching.

He is a Professor of Management and also the Chairman and CEO of five privately held companies. Ben Peter has a Ph.D. and an MBA in Business Management, and over fifteen years’ experience in the financial services, motivational speaking and coaching, pharmaceutical, healthcare, education, and direct selling industries.

Ben’s personal life story has been a source of immense inspiration to so many people. He believes that working hard is not enough. You have got to work smart with a high dose of discipline and willingness to be intentional with every goal and vision of greatness you have. His books also carry that same philosophy.

Enough About The Author. Let’s Discuss Get Set March and Clearing Your Mental Deck.What Are They About?

Book Description Of Get Set, March By Ben Peter.

This book was written to help readers understand the importance of building a thought process, which is an essential foundation for successfully executing a winning strategy for your vision. Success in any feat is usually a thought away.

The quality of your thoughts ultimately becomes a guiding path for your actions and eventual outcome. It is vital you pause at the end of each chapter to reflect on the nuggets of truth learned while reading this book.

Get Set March will teach you how to:

  • apply these principles practically to your organization or any organized system
  • see how these principles will be instrumental to your progress,
  • focus on the process of creating a vision of what you want,
  • accomplish your vision.

The goal of this book is to help you simplify every crucial part of your project, from the conception phase to the execution phase. Too much complexity can also hamper the success of a good project plan.

The entire process of strategic implementation, from the conception stage to the project closure, is made up of critical stages that must be appropriately implemented with caution. Every step has its unique methods.

Get Set, March
Book Cover: Get Set, March by Ben Peter

Get Set, March! is available on Amazon  and Okadabooks

This amazing book is also available on Bambooks, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books and Scribd.
Please hold on. Remember we told you there was a second book, right?
Now, here’s everything you need to know about the second book, Clearing Your Mental Deck. I desperately need to clear mine. 

A Synopsis Of Clearing Your Mental Deck

Many people are constantly on a quest to find the secret to achieving self-actualization, which is a term synonymous with success in life. The reality is that,success in life is firstly, a product of how you think and then secondly, of what you do.

Your thoughts determine your actions. We become what we think about. We manifest physically and constantly behold our minds.  

That is why this book, Clearing Your Mental Deck, has been put together to help you truly concentrate on arriving at the most important attributes that help every human attain their greatest desires. These attributes are considered by many people as the most important qualities that help us, not only to become successful, but also to attain self-actualization.

Clearing Your Mental Deck
Book Cover Clearing Your Mental Deck By Ben Peter

This book is currently available on Okadabooks

 Want to read more from Ben Peter. Here’s a list of books authored by Ben Peter:

  • Build Up.
  • The Money Cook Book.
  • Principles of the Top.
  • Money Code (co-authored with Charles E. Eromosele)

 If you have inquiries about the author or his works, send a DM to his publishers, Purple Shelves Publishing House. Their twitter handle is: @PurpleShelves.

I’m off to purchase my own copies of Get Set March and Clearing Your Mental Deck.

How about you? You can post your reviews of the books in the comments section. Or you can email them to CWN. We’ll be glad to publish them.

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