Bitch Media Fellowship /Award($2000 Stipends + Mentorship)

2021 Bitch Media Fellowship

Bitch fellowship was created in order to cultivate and magnify new voices. If you are a writer who has minimal publication experience, Bitch media strongly encourages you to apply. If you are a writer still figuring out what subjects obsess you, you are strongly encouraged  to apply.

Bitch Media has announced that the benefits of being a fellow includes a series of three-month intensive writing fellowships. That aims at developing, supporting, and amplifying emerging voices in feminist media. All fellows will work under the guidance of Bitch cofounder Andi Zeisler.

Below are what would be required  of a fellow during the Bitch Media Fellowship;

  •  Fellows will work in one of four subject areas during their fellowship period. Subjects such as; Technology, Pop Culture Criticism, Sexual Politics and Global Feminism.
  • They would be required to produce a minimum of four online articles for Bitch Media. This would relate to the topic area of their fellowship. These pieces can take different forms: reported, analytical, advocacy-focused, and even infographic.
  • Also, fellows would be asked to produce at least one longform article to be published in the quarterly magazine; Bitch: A Feminist Response to Pop Culture.
  • They would participate in regular discussions (via Zoom) with the fellowship director and other members of the Bitch Media staff.


Bitch Media Fellowship  

Benefits of being a Fellow;

  • You would receive mentorship and support in creating, shaping, and editing articles and online pieces.

  • follow-up support with placing future articles and essays.

  • Making great connections within the feminist-media community.

  • a $2,000 stipend for the three-month Fellowship would be given.



• Writers from all over the world are eligible to apply.

• U.S Citizens and residents are not eligible to apply.

•New and emerging writers.

How To Apply;

  • Read the FAQ’s. (Can be seen on Bitch Media) Please be sure to read the FAQ’s before filling out your application.
  • Include a cover letter of no more than 600 words that describes your interest in the fellowship area of your choice. What are the topics you’re passionate about?
  • Write about subjects that you think are underreported and under-discussed in the media.
  • Discuss what unique experiences and perspectives will you bring to the topic
  • A CV of 2 pages (must list any previous publication.
  • You can still apply to a Bitch Media Writing Fellowship even if you don’t have any clips or prior publications.
  • Three writing samples— on relevant topics.
  • Short answer questions to help Bitch get to know you.

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Good Luck!


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