Beyond The Bounds Of Infinity Anthropology/ How To Submit (Pay: ¢8 per word)
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Beyond The Bounds Of Infinity Anthropology/ How To Submit (Pay: ¢8 per word)

Beyond The Bounds Of Infinity is a fiction anthology made up of cosmic horror and weird tales written by marginalized peoples whose experiences and worldviews have influenced their interpretation of dread.

The anthology hopes to bring these diverse perspectives to the forefront of the horror community and, “of course, make Lovecraft roll over in his grave!”

They are looking for original short stories of weird fiction and cosmic horror that coil up inside their readers and leave them begging (and fearing) for more. If you are interested, please go through the following guidelines.


Eligibility Guidelines

  • Persons of Color.
  • Persons of Native American Heritage.
  • Persons identifying as LGBTQIA+.
  • Persons with disabilities.
  • Neurodivergent persons.
  • Women.
  • Persons adhering to historically marginalized or persecuted religions.
  • Their target Age Group is simply “Mature Readers.”


Submission Guidelines For Beyond The Bounds Of Infinity

  • The word count for your story be between 2000 – 4000 words. There is a limited amount of flexibility to these, but the farther outside of this range you go the less likely they are to choose your story.
  • They allow simultaneous submissions. Just let them know in your email, and update them if the story is selected elsewhere.
  • Multiple submissions are not allowed. They prefer one submission per person.
  • Any genre is fair game so long as it has a twisted knot of horror for a heart. While stories may contain violence, sexuality, and religion, they are not looking for extreme/splatter-punk, erotica, non-fiction, or religious diatribes.
  • Regarding their response time, they hope to make selections and respond to authors within 1-2 Months from the close of submission.
  • They also appreciate diversity. Their definition of diversity includes: Persons of Color, Persons of Native American Heritage, Persons identifying as LGBTQIA+, Persons with disabilities, Neurodivergent persons, Women, and Persons adhering to historically marginalized or persecuted religions.
  • Please email submissions to with the subject line “[Beyond the Bounds Submission – Story Title – Author Name]”.
  • In your email include story word count, a brief bio, links to relevant social media and/or author websites, and a brief explanation of why you think you and your story are a fit for Beyond the Bounds of Infinity.
  • All submissions should be in Shunn Format.

For tips on writing short stories you can check out this article.

Author Rights

World English first rights in print, electronic, audio, and ebook, including a six-month exclusivity period. All copyright belongs to the author.


Contacting Their Editors

To contact Raw Dog Screaming Press editors write to

The Anti-Oedipus Press team can be reached at


How Much Does Beyond The Bounds Of Infinity pay Contributors?

Their pay rate is about 8 cents per word.


Deadline For Submissions

The deadline for submissions is on 15th October, 2023. Stories submitted after this date will be deleted without being opened.

More Questions? Please visit this page.


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