Baobab Press Calls for Novella Submission / How to Apply (Reward: Publication in an Anthology)
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Baobab Press Calls for Novella Submission / How to Apply (Reward: Publication in an Anthology)

Baobab Press calls for novella submissions. This is a publishing house that seeks books that communicate and support their themes through new and well-articulated means.

They like the unconventional. More importantly, they seek a quality of thought that adds depth to a writer’s concerns. And although it is not an official requirement, they tend to select literary works with a strong sense of place at its core.

In relation to the above, the goal of Baobab Press is to publish work that aligns with the contemporary climate and that will continue on for years to  come. They believe that this goal and the goal of staying financially viable are the same.


Eligibility for the Baobab Press Novella Submission

  • Submissions are sought from woman-identifying BIPOC
  • More so, entrants must be above 18.
  • Only women can apply
  • If you are applying, make sure you read through the submission rules. Baobab is specific about what they want.


Submission Guidelines

  • Firstly, it is important to inform the organizers in your cover letter if any part of your manuscript submission has been published in a previous format.
  • Further more, simultaneous submissions are welcome.
  • But authors must inform them immediately upon acceptance elsewhere.
  • However, this in no way permits more than one submission per category at a time. Wait until you have received a response to submit again.
  • Baobab Press seeks novellas (Fiction/ 18k to 40k words).
  • The anthology would be made up of female voices with the theme of AGENCY.
  • The disparate narratives and alternative perspectives in this anthology will empower readers to find connections that correlate, challenge, and otherwise engage in identifying and promoting female agency.
  • Further more, they are looking for works with ideas and experiences that illustrate the struggle (past, present and/or future) of carving out space for female voices in American society.
  • Novellas previously published will not be considered for this anthology.
  • Please do not send anything that has previously appeared in another anthology or story collection.
  • Deadline is October 1st! 
  • Make your submissions to the official submittable  



  • If your story is selected, it would be included in the Baobab Anthology! 


Good Luck! 

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