Apply For The Stellar Prize Now!
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Apply For The Stellar Prize Now!

The Stellar Community, a member of The Ivan Ezeigbo Foundation (IEZEF), has launched an international awards program-The Stellar Prize. The Stellar Prize is a prestigious award for outstanding youths (between the ages of 14 and 45) who have shown exceptional talent or skill in any written work. The Stellar Prize is one of the projects of The Stellar Community, with the mission of empowering young talents in Africa, as well as all over the world. This year, The Stellar Prize has specific focus on poetry and short stories. The award is usually in the form of prize money, and certificates. In addition to this, the expenses to attend the award ceremony, for the 1st Stellar Prize, is covered by The Stellar Community. The award ceremony, held annually is held in a different country each year and for this year, it would be held in Cape Verde.
Who Is eligible?
• You have to meet the age requirement for whichever category you are applying for.
• Any nationality or professional background can participate but must apply under the appropriate category.
• Entries must be unpublished poems or short stories.
• Poems cannot be more than 45 lines in length, and short stories cannot be more than 2000 words.
• All poems written in another language must carry an English translation. An exception to limit on number of lines are allowed for this case.
• All poems are submitted online through our official Only submissions done through this official website are accepted.
• Former winners of The Stellar Youth Award are not eligible to compete
Note that there is a submission fee of $5 (approx. 1,800 naira) for the first entry and $3 (approx. 1,000 naira) for subsequent entries for The First Bid. Multiple submissions and entries are allowed.
We wish interested applicants good luck!

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