5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Private Tutor For Your Child
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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Private Tutor For Your Child

Have you ever thought of choosing a private tutor for your child?

Choosing a private tutor can do a child a lot of good, especially if you hire the right tutor. Studies have shown that having a private tutor can significantly increase a child’s grades.

If you’re still not sure whether or not your child needs a private tutor, here are a few pointers.

  • The child is struggling with crucial aspects of learning (e.g. reading, writing, and math).
  • Your child is struggling to pass certain subjects.
  • Your child is excellent but can do a lot better. (there is also room for improvement)
  • The child has a lot of untapped potential
  • The child is losing interest in schoolwork
  • When the child starts avoiding homework, you’ve got a sign.
  • There are upcoming examinations and the child is stressed up about all the studying.

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When I was in primary school, my parents hired the best tutors that gave me (and my siblings) individualized instruction. This not only helped me (and siblings) study at our own paces, it helped us overcome our academic difficulties and learn beyond the syllabus.

Things to Consider When Choosing A Private Tutor for your Child

Choosing the right tutor for your child can be difficult. As an educator, I’ll be glad to share the 5 most important things to consider when you want to find a private tutor for your child.

Experience Counts

The level of experience required depends on what your child needs. If your child requires advanced tutoring, you’ll need a professional in that field of learning. A different level of experience will be required if your child needs someone to supervise his work when you’re too busy.

Before you settle for the cheaper college undergraduate or the retired head teacher, consider your child’s temperament. Will your child cooperate more with an authority figure, or will a younger person get him/her to focus on the work at hand? A child who struggles to pay attention in class may benefit more from a younger tutor.

For instance, a father of two preteen writers hired me to coach his daughters in creative writing last year. This was after he’d read my profile as a published novelist in a reputable airline magazine. He wanted his daughters to become better writers and published authors like their teacher. My level of experience was important to them because they have set goals and dreams for their children.

List of References

Most parents naturally want to know that their child’s tutor is reliable. While some parents go to their family and friends for recommended sources, others hire private tutors based on their online reviews.

Once you decide on a tutor, go further to scrutinize their resumes, to ensure that they have the required educational qualifications and previous classroom experience. If your child needs math tuition, ensure that the private tutor has a high level of experience in teaching the specialized subject.

Also, check every single reference the tutor includes. If your child will be alone with the tutor, it won’t hurt to see if the tutor in question has any criminal records.

Personal Skills and Characteristics

When push comes to shove, your child’s private tutor will need to go the extra mile to help your child learn. What personal skills and characteristics will your child’s private tutor bring into play?

Tutors who have excellent rapports with their students are likely to make remarkable progress. Also ensure that the tutor is patient, kind, able to understand individual differences and has the gift of being a good listener. So before you hire that tutor, ensure that he or she possesses all the essential characteristics of a good teacher.

Ability To Exhibit Professionalism

Every good tutor must be responsible and professional. When choosing a private tutor for your child, ensure that the tutor is capable of demonstrating honesty, discipline, reliability and punctuality to the student. This is because children easily imitate their teachers.

If your child’s tutor often calls to cancel appointments or regularly turns up late for classes, then you may have to consider finding another tutor. Children are often demoralized when their tutors show unprofessional behavior.

If the class is online, make sure that the tutor understands the basics of online teaching.


When you find a tutor with all of the aforementioned qualities, the next step will be to check your budget.

Beware of tutors with the lowest rates, but also beware of overly expensive tuition providers. The main focus should be on the goal and objective of the private tuition services you’re seeking. Will the tutor you’re interviewing help your child achieve his academic goals, dreams and aspirations? If yes, then consider the cost of hiring this tutor. After all, your child’s education is a big and worthy investment.

While you’re working out your tough budget, interview other qualified tutors and see if their fees fall within the range of your budget. While you’re at it, decide whether you’ll take the child to the tutor’s home or if the tutor will have to journey to yours. Bear in mind that the tutor will include travel costs in his fees.

Final thoughts on Choosing A Private Tutor

Although most children prefer to learn in their homes, you might want to consider enrolling your child with a reputable private tutor who doesn’t travel to client’s homes. But this will depend on the child’s level of maturity. Older children adjust easily to new environments than younger children.

Whatever you decide, choose the best tuition for your child.

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