V International Playwriting  Contest/ How To Apply (Prize: €10000)
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V International Playwriting Contest/ How To Apply (Prize: €10000)

It has been announced that the V International Playwriting Contest, which aims to encourage writers in the creation of bold and powerful plays for young people, has began accepting entries.

The spirit of this competition is the participation of playwrights in terms of equality, regardless of nationality, age, gender or language.



  1. b) The participation of an underage writer must be authorizedby the legal guardian.
  2. The competition is restricted to plays for young audiences. a)The organizersdo not accept plays for children or adult audiences, b) they do not accept musicals.
  3. Writers are asked to submit a play for either:
  4. a) Category A. The play must cater for a performance time of no less than 60 min. and no more than two hours.
  5. b) Category B. The play must cater for a performance time of no less than 30 min and no more than one hour.
  6. The play can be written in any official language of the world.
  7. The play must be a new and original piece of work. The play must not have been published in any form or awarded previously.
  8. a) The copyright of the play must be owned and/or controlled by the entrant to the full extent necessary to enable Editorial DALYA to use the work as contemplated by these contest rules.
  9. b) Performed plays can be submitted.
  10. There is no fee to enter and no hidden costs for the entrants.

a)Plays co-authored by more than one writer is unacceptable. Either a single writer or a group of writers in a collective work.



  1. The competition is open to all writers worldwide and there is no age or nationality limit for the entrants.




€10000 in prizes to be won:

  1. a) Category A (4800)

A cash prize of 2400€ for the writer, translation to another European language, publication and public reading, plus economic aid for performances of the play within two years after its publication.

  1. b) Category B (€3200)

A cash prize of 1000€ for the writer, translation to another European language, publication and public reading, plus economic aid for the performances of the play within two years after its publication.

  1. C) Shorlisrt (€2000)

The shortlisted plays will automatically be considered for publication in Editorial DALYA.

  1. d)Awards cannot be shared or reduced, and the prize must be granted at least in one category.
  2. e) The Jury may award Honourable Mentions without cash prizes to any play of the contest.

V International Playwriting Contest

Submission Guidelines for V international Playwriting Contest


  • They do accept up to three plays per writers.
  • Each entry must contain just one play.
  • The play may be submitted via links provided Here or Here  (→ Premios→Premio Teatro Joven).
  • The document must contain a front page stating:

1) The title of the play.

2) The contest category (A or B). 3) Contact e-mail.

3) Include the authorization of the legal guardian, if applicable.

4) The writer’s name must be deleted from the entry and document to facilitate fair, anonymous judging.



  • An updated list of the plays submitted to the competition will be published on the website of Editorial DALYA.
  • The Jury can change the category at his sole discretion.
  • The organization will send a notification to the writer to confirm that the entry has been accepted.
  • Writers whose plays are not listed or have not received the acceptance of the entry should notify the organization this by email.
  • The entries with no contact email or this is incorrect will be discarded in the finalists selection.



  • The evaluators of V international Playwriting Contest will assess each play in accordance with the following criteria:
  • Quality of dramatic text and audience appeal (characters, dialogue, story development, style).
  • Promotion of tolerant coexistence among young people, and crafting discussions and problem-solving around their conflict issues.
  • Factors that ease the production: cast, set, technical requirements…
  • Ashortlist of 3-6 plays per category will be selected before Friday,15 January
  • The writers of these plays will be notified by email after selection.
  • The awarded writer must re-submit the play, including personal details (name, headshot, address, nationality…) and CV in the front page.
  • After Friday, 22 January 2021, the shortlist will be announced through the website of Editorial DALYA (www.edalya.com), its social network and the media.
  • The evaluators will assess the shortlisted plays in accordance with the following criteria:
  1. a) Topic (dramatic meaning, originality and adaptation of the topic to drama…)
  2. b) Universality (issues of common interest, engagement, audience devotion  )
  3. c) Number of previous performances (better: none).
  • TheJury will select the winners before Sunday,31 January
  • a) The writers of these plays will be notified by e-mail after selection
  • b)(www.edalya.com), its social network and the media.
  • c) The Jury s verdict is final.


  • Payments,publications.
  • A) Non-winner runners-up must send a letter asking their plays to be considered for publication.
  • b) The cash prize money will be remitted at the moment of the publication.
  • c) To be published, plays must be submitted. And the play must be translated to an official European language, if the writer had written it in another language.
  1. d) The economic aids for performances will be announced at the moment of the publication.
  • The awarded participants commit making mention of the award in their future publications or performances of the play.
  • By entering the Prize, the awarded entrants grant non-exclusive permission to Editorial DALYA, its sponsors and any members of the media to use their résumés and extracts from their plays in publicity and reporting.


  • Entrants are bound to inform the organization about the awards or publication of their plays before the
  • By entering into the competition, each entrant agrees to be bound by the contest rules. No communication or correspondence will be entered into regarding the non-awarded plays.
  • By entering into the competition, entrants warrant their plays will not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights, it does not violate any personal privacy regulations, and it does not violate the rights of any person or entity.
  • The competition is subject to applicable laws and regulations about tax rates.
  • The competition and its rules will be governed by Spanish law.



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