The Roswell Award Prize 2021 / How To Apply ($850 + More)

The Roswell Award Prize is now open for submission. The Roswell Award & The Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award. Sci-Fest L.A. and Light Bringer Project are proud to accept entries for The Roswell Award international short science fiction story competition from writers age 16 and older.

Since Sci-Fest L.A.’s founding of The Omega Sci-Fi Awards, thousands of writers worldwide have been inspired to explore the art of science fiction short story writing. Light Bringer Project has co-presented The Tomorrow Prize and The Roswell Award prizes since 2017.

The Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award is an additional special prize category for a feminist themed sci-fi story. The winner will be published by Artemis literary journal with more prizes to be announced.

Under the Omega Sci-Fi Awards, this competition encourage exploring complex themes that illuminate the greatest issues humanity wrestles with, spark imaginative solutions, and unite the worlds of science and art.


Eligibility for the Roswell Award international short science fiction story competition

  • Any writer above the age of 16.
  • It is an international award.
  • There is no entry fee
  • Entries must be sci-fi
  • There is no proposed theme





❏ Only one (1) submission is accepted per author.

❏ Entry must be formatted as a Microsoft Word document, between 500 word minimum to 1,500 words maximum.

❏ Stories must include a cover page in the body of their submission email with the following information: Name,
address, email address, and phone number of the applicant; story title; story word count; and which prize the author wishes to be considered for first (The Roswell Award or Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award). The attached document with the story must include the story title and text, only, with no identifying details.

❏ Stories are eligible for only one prize, but stories submitted for the Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award will be considered for the First, Second, and Third Place Roswell Award prizes if they do not win the prize category under which the story was originally submitted.

❏ Stories must not have any previous publication online or in print, including personal websites and social media.

❏ Stories must be original work. Stories that​ feature characters, settings, or other defining features of any existing
media properties (books, film, TV, etc.), including fan fiction, will not be considered.

❏ Stories must be received by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

❏ Stories must be submitted to [email protected].


The Roswell Award Prize


Prizes for The Roswell Award for Short Science Fiction Writing Competition

● First Place: $500 USD and​ access to a UCLA Extension Writers’ Program sponsored 10-week or shorter online course with the option of three (3) UCLA academic credits.
● Second Place: $250 USD
● Third Place: $100 USD
● Special Award Prize:
○ The “Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award” for best feminist sci-fi is co-presented by ​Artemis Journal​:: Print publication in ​Artemis Journal ​and other prizes to be announced. (see below)
All finalists will have their stories read by celebrity guests during a special performance in May 2021.

All finalists and honorable mentions will be formally recognized for their work.


  • This award recognizes a science fiction story that embraces feminist themes and has a female protagonist.
  • It is a category of the Roswell Award. 
  • Top entries will exemplify excellence in feminist storytelling, while capturing the complexities of their characters.
  • Stories are only eligible for one prize.
  • Stories not chosen for the Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award will be considered for the other Roswell Award prizes.

★ Focus on telling an engaging story with strong characters, imagery, mood, tone, themes, etc.

★ Don’t be afraid to experiment with your writing style.

★ Know the difference between science fiction and fantasy – don’t submit a story about magic. However,
we do accept a broad range of science fiction genre types, including science fiction with fantastical
elements. Feel free to contact the competition organizer with questions.

★ Read the competition description carefully. Think about what interesting themes you can weave into
your narrative.

★ Polish your work – make sure to carefully edit your story, correct errors, and improve your telling.

★ HAVE FUN! Don’t stress too much and have fun with your story writing. Write about what interests you!

The “Women Hold Up Half the Sky Award” for feminist sci-fi is co-presented by Artemis literary journal and will also be awarded to a distinct winner.





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