The Role of Writers in Software Testing Companies


In the field of QA, it’s common to come across code-writers and test scriptwriters who cover the technical aspects of the product. Organizations pay close attention to the recruitment and training of these writers because they have a significant role to play in defining the quality of the product. Along with these writers, software testing companies should also look towards content writers who have a less technical job to do but they can play a positive role in maintaining user satisfaction and portray a good image of your company.

As a content writer in a software testing company, I receive messages daily by readers who read my articles often thanking me for the information I provide. Sometimes, I encounter readers with technical backgrounds who disagree with my point-of-view. We have a good discussion about the subject and both, the reader and I, end up learning. And that’s the main point. Learning. That’s the primary purpose of putting the content out there. Readers generate a positive word of mouth for companies/websites that they find useful. This can help improve the image of your company and work as a good marketing strategy.

Every month or two, we have a meeting with marketing heads to discuss what topics and trends we should go for to provide engaging and quality content. This discussion also involves the feedback from readers that we receive and it’s very helpful. Being a writer only requires you to have two basic things: the passion for writing and technology. If you have passion, knowledge follows. And it’s safe to say now that I have knowledge and passion for both writing and technology since it’s been a few years that I’m a professional content writer for a software testing company.

Readers can also add to their testing knowledge by following blogs such as DZone, Software Testing Help, and Read Dive that are considered among the best out there. Outside of my work, I write articles for these websites whenever I get the time. These blogs can also play well for the testing industry and software testing companies because essentially, they’re creating awareness regarding software testing.

What Testing Companies Should Do?
For my software testing company, content writing has played a vital role in its marketing strategy and so it could for your company as well. In my opinion, knowledge is a bridge between not just people but businesses as well. Sharing knowledge with your readers makes them feel valued and positive about your company. Therefore, testing companies should also focus on the hiring and recruitment of content writers as they do for code and test scriptwriters.

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Ray Parker is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who loves to incorporate new technologies to get more efficient outcomes. When he’s not marketing his latest venture, he keeps himself busy in writing technical articles to educate peers and professionals.

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