Do you fancy writing for a magazine dedicated to nature? Then visit The Curlew, is a new literary magazine devoted to the natural world. The Curlew is produced to a high quality and it is intended to be filled with poetry, creative essays, short stories and black and white illustrations from around the world – all about nature. Sales from The Curlew support conservation projects worldwide.
The first issue is available on the website, and from wildlife reserves in the UK, and the Natural History Book Service. I am also trying to get it stocked by the Cheetah Conservation Fund and other conservation charities abroad.
If you are interested in this opportunity, visit for more information.

About The Curlew

The Curlew is a high-quality quarterly dedicated to fine writing about the natural world, drawn from considered thought, not dashed off in haste and chased with regret like most of today’s communications.

In The Curlew  we present ideas, emotions, imaginings – but most of all beauty. We want passion, images that make us smile or shiver, word pictures that stay with us and make us think. In other words, writing that enriches our lives.


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