The Camargo Fellowship is now Accepting Applications/ How to Apply (£350 per week + More)
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The Camargo Fellowship is now Accepting Applications/ How to Apply (£350 per week + More)

If you seek a prestigious opportunity to advance your research, creativity, or critical thought in the Arts and Humanities? The Camargo Foundation’s flagship program, the Camargo Fellowship, has been supporting groundbreaking projects and interdisciplinary approaches since 1971.

With nearly 1,500 individuals awarded residencies, it’s a platform dedicated to fostering diversity and innovation in creative endeavors worldwide.


Eligibility for the Camargo Fellowship


When it comes to eligibility, diversity is key at the Camargo Foundation.

  • Applicants from all countries and backgrounds are encouraged to apply, representing a wide spectrum of creative thought and practice.
  • Here’s a breakdown of the three main categories available
  • Scholars: For those connected to Arts and Humanities focusing on French and Francophone cultures or cross-cultural studies in the Mediterranean region. Applicants should hold a PhD or be in the final stages of their doctoral research.
  • Thinkers: Open to professionals in cultural and creative fields engaged in critical thought, including curators, journalists, critics, and more.
  • Artists (all disciplines): Primary creators of new works/projects with a track record of accomplishments. Artists engaged in critical thought and research-oriented projects are welcome to apply under various subcategories.      


the Camargo Fellowship

Submission Guidelines

  • Entrants must submit a proposal outlining their intended work during the residency. This could range from specific projects to open-ended exploration or focused research relevant to their field.
  • More so, during the residency, Fellows participate in regular discussions for interdisciplinary exchange, presenting their work to the group.
  • Opportunities to engage with the local community and collaborate with educational organizations are also encouraged.
  • Apply using the approved application link 



Stipend and Reward

  • Fellows receive a 10-week residency, either in the Fall or Spring.
    The stipend of EUR 350 per week, along with funding for basic transportation, supports their stay in Cassis.
  • This includes coverage for basic coach class airfare booked in advance, ensuring accessibility for all selected candidates.

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