14 Jun, 2024

Writing Tips: How To Get Your Characters To Pause Effectively

rAs a writer, do you know how to get your characters to pause in your work? The use of the word ‘pause’ elicits a fingernails-on-a-chalkboard response from me. Why would such an innocent word spur such a visceral response? Because people never pause. A pause indicates to me that a character freezes in place. Read: […]

5 mins read

Writing Tips: The Power Of The Right Point Of View

Let’s talk about the right Point Of View (POV) Writers, Point Of View is as important to you as chicks to a mother hen! Guard it jealously! You may fail in grammar, punctuation, write a novel filled with plot holes, include enough expository dialogue to choke a main drain, and you’ll still capture readers if […]

3 mins read

Get Over 100 Free Writing prompts

Writer’s block can be very annoying especially when you need some inspiration to write and none is forthcoming. You can inspire your writing and get those creative fluids flowing again when you use really creative writing prompts. Check out this new eBook  by JJ Taylor’100 writing prompts for modern women’ we think you will like. […]

1 min read

Writing Tips: Are You Underestimating The Power Of Layout In Writing?

Ever wondered how to make your work appeal on an aesthetic level? Perhaps you need to pay attention to the layout of the texts on a word and sentence level. Layout in writing will either make or mar your work. Structure and layout in writing also extend to the entire body of work. Does the […]

5 mins read