28 May, 2024

Modifying Your Sahara: A Poetry Masterclass with Kaveh Akbar.

It’s 1:49pm. I’m in a mini-bus going to Ikoyi from CMS, trapped in a hold-up. I’m sweating underneath my shirt, and I’m reading Adroit Journal’s latest issue. Over and over, I’m reading these lines from Erika Meitner’s “Missing Parts”: “Hillary, I’m sorry about yr friend who killed himself—sometimes this world is too much to hold […]

12 mins read

The Lagos Poetry Festival 2019, 5th Edition

The Lagos International Poetry Festival (LIPFest2019) is here. Now in its fifth year, the festival, which was founded in 2015 by Efe Paul Azino, promises to be “a wild beautiful thing.” The festival begins October 30th, 2019 and ends November 3rd, 2019, and it features over fifty writers and poets and thinkers from over ten […]

2 mins read