29 May, 2024

Farafina Calls For Submission Of Manuscripts —

Farafina, the literary imprint of Kachifo Limited is currently accepting submissions of manuscripts from now till March 31st, 2019. Kachifo Limited is an independent publishing house founded in 2004 and based in Lagos, Nigeria, renowned as a platform from which a lot of great African stories have been told. They have published books from authors […]

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See The Winners Of The Dusty Manuscript Contest 2018

We had published earlier a call for submissions for The Dusty Manuscript Contest. Now, after a few months and over a thousand entries, The 2018 Dusty Manuscript Contest has finally come to an end, and the top 3 winners have been announced. Meet the winners: Coming first was Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, who happens to be […]

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The Dusty Manuscript Contest—Apply (Awards: Over 1 Million Naira)

Yet another Book Prize is here! GTBank, Farafina and OkadaBooks are launching the “Dusty Manuscript” initiative. It is a brand new literary prize created to discover a first novel manuscript written by a Nigerian author. We all know how hard it is to write a book- some might find it easier to attempt to soften […]

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