The Association of Nigerian Authors has declared Satans and Shitans part winner of the 2015 prize for prose fiction. Bongel by Maryam Bobi shares first place with Obinna Udenwe’s Satans and Shitans.

The winners were drawn from a shortlist of five novels. In the shortlist were Jacqueline U. Agweh’s A Pelican of the Wilderness, Maryam Bobi’s Bongel, Michael Afenfia Don’t Die on Wednesday, Mnguember V. Sylvester Long Shadows, and Obinna Udenwe’sSatans and Shaitans

According to the judge’s report, Satans & Shaitans is a laudable work of crime fiction, with polished diction, commendable research into Islam and Christianity, and, above all, a bold statement of conscience regarding one of Nigeria’s most puzzling crises of development today.
And of Bongel,
This is an intriguing story rendered in a technically commendable literary language, leaving no one in doubt that the author manifests a great talent. The theme of women emancipation through education in northern Nigeria common to Zaynab Alkali’s fiction is taken up by Marym Bobi in this novel and given a fresh, stirring pyrotechnic, bringing hope to us that there are emerging voices capable of sustaining the great tradition of Nigerian fiction.”
The prize judge E.E. Sule has a published report on the ANA REVIEW WEBSITE. CLICK TO READ.

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes prose fiction and creative non-fiction. She is the founder of Her first novella, Finding Love Again was published by Ankara Press. Her second novella, The Heiress' Bodyguard was shortlisted for the Saraba Manuscript Awards. She currently works as content marketer for various online businesses. You can follow her at @cwritingnws.

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