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Our daily lives are filled with projects. There are projects in the workplace, projects at home and/or school. Many of us have several half-finished projects we’ve abandoned because we aren’t skilled at managing them. This is where it becomes important to be a project management professional, I hope you enjoy the read.

PMP – What is Project Management Professional?


PMP certification is the most valuable certificate awarded by the Project Management Institute for project management in the world.


As it provides a common methodology and terminology for companies, it is becoming more and more popular every day. By bringing together all the parties involved in the project (customer, firm, supplier …) with a common management method around the project, it ensures that projects can be successfully completed. This method is accepted all over the world. Therefore, PMP certification, which is internationally valid, is an important document for a good career. Likewise, major companies in the world are running this document as a condition for project management.


PMP certification exam is a test designed to measure both the knowledge and experience of a person who is required to earn this certificate.


This system, which we know as PMI Institute, is also briefly defined as PMI®. This system came became popular when it started distributing the PgMP certificate on October 1, 2007. In order to acquire this certificate, individuals are expected to complete a process which has a very complicated structure.


Who is the project manager?


In order to manage a project well, it is necessary to act in the consciousness of a number of project management components. When we consider these components as the basis, it is seen as the most fundamental factor in understanding how important a project is.


An experienced project manager can acquire a PMP certification after completing 35 hours of PMP training. PMP certification requires 3+ years of project experience as well. If you are new to the project management world, then, you can opt for CAPM certification and enroll in a CAPM training to get insights about project management.


It is necessary to recognize the importance of how a project has a necessary structure and, in this context, the importance of working to obtain quality results on the deliverable history of that project.


In addition to extracting the source forecast of the project and obtaining an effective result on the timeline, it is necessary to know the investments, institutional agreements and funding support that will take place in this process. Of course, it is necessary to monitor the project manager to establish a good team and to have good motivation for the project staff. The most important management component of the project manager is that it has a structure that can reach the stage of finishing the project together with monitoring, stakeholder management and supplier management.


What are the duties and responsibilities of the project manager?


A good project manager should demonstrate that a project is working to fulfill the objectives within a specified time frame, and that this process should be delivered in turn-key qualities. Project managers, who will continue their activities in the context of net data, need a burning requirement in order to provide access to targets within specified time periods.


As for all these requirements, we can observe that concepts such as cost or time are at the forefront of project management triad. When we include elements such as scope and quality in these processes, it will be possible to observe that a project triangle is fully achieved.


In order to have managerial qualifications on a project, it is necessary to co-ordinate the individuals who are both effectively in control of the project and working on the project. Individuals who are project managers will continue their activities within the scope of their responsibilities and will endeavour to avoid any adverse effects on these areas.


Project managers should keep themselves up to date by being part of project management communities such as Master of Project Academy. By this way, they will be able to collaborate with their peers and enhance their knowledge.



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