Mysterion Magazine Submissions is Currently Open/ How to Submit (Payment: 8 cents per word).
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Mysterion Magazine Submissions is Currently Open/ How to Submit (Payment: 8 cents per word).

Mysterion calls for submissions for speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy stories that revolve around Christian themes or include Christain Characters or Cosmology, as well as artworks. 


Mysterion is an ezine of Christian-themed speculative fiction edited and published by the husband and wife team of Donald S. Crankshaw and Kristin Janz. They seek quality speculative fiction with Christian characters, themes, or cosmology.  They believed that the Christian faith is filled with mystery, from the Trinity and the Incarnation to the smaller mysteries found in some of the strange and unexplained passages of the Bible. Examples are Behemoth and Leviathan, Nephilim and Seraphim, heroes and giants and more. Hence, Mysterion Magazine Submissions are expected to be engaging with Christianity but do not have to be more tidy and theologically precise than the faith itself.

Eligibility Guidelines for Mysterion Magazine Submissions

  • Writers from anywhere in the world are welcome, as long as their entries are in English.
  • There is no submission fee.


 How to Submit

  • Entries must have a speculative element but must not be more than 9000 words.
  • Submitted entries must have a Christian theme and needs to be something beyond the everyday. Stories such as science fiction and fantasy, good ghost stories are welcomed. The Editors believe there’s great fiction material hidden in the mysteries of Christian theology; cherubim, leviathan, Nephilim, visions, prophecy, and more. You are expected to seek story ideas from such themes.
  • No multiple or simultaneous submissions are allowed. However, If multiple writers co-write a story, they consider each distinct group of writers a different submitter. In other words, if two people submit a co-written story and each of them also submits a story written on their own, that would not violate their submissions policy. Submitting two stories co-written by the same two people is not allowed.
  • Do not submit a rejected entry unless otherwise stated.
  • Stories should be submitted via this link:
  • Submit your stories in .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. It must also be double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman or Courier font.
  • In submitting you should ensure the story title, your byline, word count, and contact information should appear on the first page.  While your last name, story title, and page number should appear in the header information of all other pages.
  • You are to attach a cover letter which should contain a list of your three or four most prestigious publications (if any), and any pertinent biographical details.
  • You are expected to inform them if your entry was previously published and where it first appeared–even if it appeared on your blog or Twitter feed.


Payment for Mysterion Magazine Submissions

The magazine pays 4 cents per word for reprints and 8 cents per word for original stories.



The submissions deadline is January 31st, 2023

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