Join The Read Across Nigeria Project
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Join The Read Across Nigeria Project

Society Of Young Nigerian Writers collaborate with Dr. Wale Okediran to hold Read Across Nigeria. As a fellow of the Ebedi Residency, I think this is a laudable project. Dr. Wale Okediran has contributed immensely to the lives of many writers.

For his enormous contributions towards the growth and development of reading culture in Nigeria, Society of Young Nigerian Writers is set to honour Dr. Wale Okediran, the former National President of the Association of Nigerian Authors and the Founder/Director of Ebedi Writers Resort with its latest project tagged “Read Across Nigeria”.

Read Across Nigeria is an annual worldwide chain of events administered by the Society of Young Nigerian Writers. It is a day devoted for readers and lovers of books across Nigeria to read any selected book. It is also an avenue of promoting reading culture in  the country. Read Across Nigeria will be celebrated in schools, offices, markets etc. Organizers can organize reading seminars, workshops, for a, symposia and conferences to fulfill the day.

The project is built to help improve the reading culture of Nigerians.

In a pressrelease, Wole Adodeyin said, ‘ We have
also designed a reading correspondence course aim at testing the
abilities of readers. April 14, 2016 has been fixed for the first
edition of this projec

We welcome events of any size and extend Invitation to many external, societies and associations involve in book reading and as long as they agree to follow our guidelines with serious sense of purpose. The main mission of this project is to promote book reading through different events like book bee, quiz contests and other medium across the country irrespective of country, tribe, color, sect, age, religion and gender. Any individual, association, society or institution interested in reading, who wishes to join the cause and agree to follow Read Across Nigeria simple guidelines. This is an engagement’s cause, we hope for people who treat it with same way we do.

Our goal is to promote book reading culture through reading activities and exercises. Coordination of this national programme is open to both men and women to coordinate but you are free to design your event the way you want, as long as it reflects the common goal.’

For more information, joind the Read Across Nigeria facebook page.

I’ll be reading. Will you?


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