The Jericho Fellowship Prizes 2019 (Awards: £32,000 + an all-expense paid trip to a symposium) / How To Apply
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The Jericho Fellowship Prizes 2019 (Awards: £32,000 + an all-expense paid trip to a symposium) / How To Apply

The Jericho fellowship prize 2019 is open to submissions for emerging and established artists in the following creative art fields:

  • Essay writing
  • Playwriting
  • Visual arts
  • And Innovation.

Writers are welcome to submit single submissions or series of pieces in any of the aforementioned genres. No entry fee is required. Winners will receive mouth-watering cash prizes and all-expense paid trips to a symposium.

The theme of the 2019 Jericho fellowship prizes is Epiphany.

According to the press release,

An epiphany is that moment when the unseen becomes manifest, the unspoken is articulated, and confusion yields to utter clarity. It is perhaps the search for that epiphany that matters most. It entails the work of the imagination, the suspension of disbelief, the silencing of doubt. And the willingness to not let the search for that perfect moment ~ that epiphany ~ obscure and negate what comes before it.

Who is eligible to apply for the Jericho fellowship prizes 2019?

  • Artists from all over the world are eligible to apply.
  • Entrants must be at least 18 yeast old or more.

Submissions guidelines for the Jericho fellowship prizes 2019

  • All entries must reflect the theme: Epiphany
  • Maximum word count is 2500 words for essays and plays..

  • Visual Arts submissions must be in image format or video format. Submissions must include dimensions of the work and details of the media used. Password-protected files must be submitted along with the passwords.
  • Innovation prizes should be images, descriptions, video, software, tangible prototype, or proposed design of the work.
  • Entrants must submit only one entry in each genre. For instance, do not submit two essays or two plays.

  • Entries must be in English.

  • All submission must reach the organizers before the  July 30th, 2019 deadline.

How To Apply (Or submit your entr(y)ies):

  • Depending on your expertise and artistic endeavor, entries should be clearly marked as:

  1. submissions for the ‘Essay Prize’.
  2. submissions for the ‘Playwriting Prize
  3. submissions for the ‘Visual Arts Prize
  4. submissions for the ‘Innovation Prize
  • All submissions must be made via email to:

Prizes and Awards:

Winners in every category will receive:

  • A cash prize of £8000.
  • An invitation to attend the symposium where they will be presented with their prize.
  • Flights and accommodation will be covered while the writer is at the symposium.

Forward all inquiries to

Good luck.

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