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The widely acclaimed novel by A. Igoni Barrett will be available for the Nigerian fans.

I am a big rosy fan of A, Igoni Barrett and can’t wait to get my own copy. For those who don’t know what it’s about, here’s a summary from the Farafina Books’ Press Release.

“Furo Wariboko – born and bred in Lagos – wakes up on the morning of his job interview to discover he has turned into a white man. As he hits the city streets running, still reeling from his new-found condition, Furo is amazed to find the dead ends of his life wondrously open out before him. As a white man in Nigeria, the world is seemingly his oyster – except for one thing: despite his radical transformation, his ass remains robustly black “

Another title is Tendai Huchu’s The Maestro, The Nagistrate and The Mathematician.

Ardent followers of the annual Caine Prize will know Tendai. His story was shortlisted for the 2014 Caine Prize. This is enough reason for me to recommend his book.

The Kachifo Press release summarizes it thus:
“Three very different men struggle with thoughts of belonging, loss, identity and love as they attempt to find a place for themselves in Britain. The Maestro, a depressed, quixotic character, sinks out of the real world into the fantastic world of literature. The Magistrate tries to create new memories and roots, fusing a wandering exploration of Edinburgh with music. The Mathematician, full of youth, follows a carefree, hedonistic lifestyle, until their three universes collide.”

Expect more imprints from Kachifo Limited. Also look out for The Stress Test by Mojisola Aboyade-Cole, For Broken Men Who Cross Often by Efe Paul Azino and Thunder Protocol by Obari Gomba

Copies are available from both online retailers and in bookshops nationwide. To order, please email orders@kachifo.com, or call 0807 736 4217.

I will be willing to publish reviews on the CWN blog. Happy reading.

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