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How to Choose a University Based on Contemporary Challenges (For Writers and Every Other Careerist)

Education is one of the most important aspects of today’s society. Writers know this more than anyone else. It is what has allowed us to evolve beyond our wildest expectations. However, due to the fast pace of today’s world, contemporary education can no longer handle the challenges of our society. So instead of looking up to institutions with rich histories, we must turn our focus to the universities that understand the challenges of our world, and can prepare us for the uncertainty of our future. But how do we know which universities fit this description?   This question often plagues the minds of writers who choose to study for an MFA in Creative Writing, and I assume that it is the case for people in other fields and careers. Below are a few key factors that show whether a university is stuck in its traditions or whether it is actually preparing its students for the future.


1. Environmental conscience

For hundreds of years we have taken everything we could from our Earth, without giving anything but pollution in return. We are quickly approaching a point of no return, which is why it is essential for all organizations to develop a strong environmental voice. This is particularly important for universities, because they represent the cradle of knowledge. What does it matter if a university teaches you how to solve problems, if it doesn’t teach you how to prevent them? Therefore, when you are comparing various universities, make sure to check for environmental programs and missions.


2. Transforming professions

As our world changes, we can no longer use the same tools that we used 50 years ago. We are not talking about actual tools, but about the knowledge that we employ when interacting with the world. Certain professions need to be completely transformed and adapted to today’s challenges. One university that is showing a great potential from this point of view is the Meridian University. They seek to revolutionize the fields of Business, Education and Psychology, in order to educate leaders with the skills to excel in today’s society. They employ transformative learning, in order to shake the old rules that dictated certain professions, and give birth to new belief systems.


3. Community spirit

Before globalization took over our lives, universities used to be the pillars of communities. They prepared young adults for the challenges of the local community. However, nowadays you can go to a university in one part of the country, and go to work on the other side of the country, or even the other side of the world. However, it is still important for universities to have a strong community spirit. They should feature a lot of local lectures, summits and conferences to inspire and support the local community. After all, if a university is not even engaging its surrounding community in the learning process, how does it hope to teach young adults to take on the whole world?


Now that I have shared a few important questions people ask when making a choice of schools, I’d like you to comment. What questions did you or anyone you know ask before they decided upon a university to attend? And how do we know the universities that understand the key to a successful education system?


Photo Credit: Meridian University


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