Helmets Off for the Brand New OkadaBooks!
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Helmets Off for the Brand New OkadaBooks!

Still an Okada, but with the speed of a Power Bike

OkadaBooks, Africa’s leading digital library and publishing company has officially unveiled her all new and extremely improved android app and website. The company began in 2013 and over the years it has laid the foundation for authors to make income through easy publication, purchase and reading of books across Africa and beyond. The new website and app both come with a completely revamped and superb user interface, and a whole lot of feature and general improvements.


A Super Slick User Interface
The website’s all new and improved interface is designed to make the daily use of the platform easier. Don’t have an Android/iOS device to run the app on? You no longer have to feel left out because you get to experience the same beauty on your mobile browser. Both desktop and mobile views capture the same unique interface that’s guaranteed to make using the website more pleasurable.

New Website

Old Website

Improved Reading Experience
The new reading design puts more focus on the content and has a much needed navigation system that lets you jump between chapters with the click of a button.

Swift Book Discovery
Finding your next book is quicker and less of a chore. Imagine you wanted to search for the best rated books between N100 to N300 with at least 1,000 downloads, you wouldn’t have been able to do this on the old website, but with the new filtering system on the
store page, you can do just that. Detailed filters and sorting helps you get exactly what you want in just a few clicks.

An Actual Navigation Bar
Yes we know, this should have been implemented earlier; but better late than never! You can now jump, fly and swim through categories from any page, view our best sellers, top blog contents and even teleport to our Instagram posts all from the navigation menu. How fantastic is this!?



The reading interface on the app is pure perfection. It gives you the options to change font type and size, the brightness level, the background, Night mode, audio (how cool is it to have the words being read out loud). You can also search for words and sentences through the book with ease.

Super Easy Payment for Books

The new app allows for easy refill of accounts for book purchases. Also, a new refill method has been implemented, which allows you to transfer airtime instead of having to send the recharge pin to us.

Books Filtering

The new app gives you the ability to search for book by title, author’s name or tag. You can also insert a keyword, and set the option to display either free or paid books relating to that keyword

Your Library

In your library, you will find your downloaded books, current reads, archived and published books, all within your reach.

Discover Books by authors on their profiles

Authors now have individual dedicated profiles that display all of their works on one page.

Explore Books

You never know what you will stumble on. The best books based on number of downloads and review now show up first in each category

Miscellaneous Updates

Other changes and improvements include:

Flexible Book Listing on Website: You have the choice to decide on how you want the books displayed on your screen. Full card means less books and more information, while mini cards mean more books, less information.

Rating and Book review: Unlike before when you were required to use the app to rate a book, you can now rate and give a commentary review on the website. You will no longer be redirected to download the app when you want to rate a book.

Ability to archive and delete books from library: This is one of the most requested feature. A lot of people wanted to be able to hide or delete books they either mistakenly downloaded, or are done reading. This is now possible with the new app and website.

My works: A single place for authors to access their books without having to buy them from the store

Turn adult content on or off : You can now choose the type of contents you would like to see. There will no longer be awkward surprises of bumping into an adult book with a disturbing cover. The choice of what you see and don’t see, is now in your hands.

Faster page load: Nobody likes waiting. The new website loads in less than 3 seconds, thus saving you a good amount of waiting time. If a page takes longer to load, hold your internet data provider accountable for the delay.

Less data consumption: Internet data is gold, and the new website has been perfected to help you preserve a chunk of it, while you breeze through the length and breadth of the website.

– Smooth payment process and more options which include airtime transfer

– An actual voting feature during writing contests on both website and app

Visit www.okadabooks.com and Update your app to get a feel of the best online reading and publishing experience.

We live off of feedbacks – good, bad or worwor. They help us improve; so we would love to hear your thoughts. Send in your comments on these new releases in an email to themechanic@okadabooks.com

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