Electric Literature’s The Commuter Is Open For Submissions/How To Submit ($100)

 Electric Literature’s The Commuter is Open for PROSE, POETRY, and GRAPHIC NARRATIVE Submissions from July 20th (12:00am) through July 27th (11:59pm), 2020. This opportunity is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a creative writing job.

The Commuter, which is one of the prizes by Electric literature, is the home for poetry, flash, graphic, and experimental narratives. It publishes weekly on Monday morning, and has showcased the likes of great authors such as Caroline Hadilaksono, Aleksandar Hemon, Jonathan Lethem, Lindsay Hunter, Tahirah Alexander Green, and Julia Wertz.

Submission guidelines for the commuter:

  • For Prose, submit up to 3 flash fiction pieces, either standalone or connected. The total word count should not exceed 1500 words in a single document.
  • Poetry entries should submit 3–5 poems in a single document, and please limit the page count to 8.
  • For Graphic Narrative, they are interested in both traditional and non-traditional forms of visual storytelling. Submit up to 3 pieces of narrative illustration, comics, or mixed media narrative. For comics, each piece should contain a minimum of 3 panels. The total page count of your submission should not exceed 15 pages.
  • Submit all genres in .doc, .docx, or PDF.
  • Please submit only once per category.

What Will You Get If Your Story Is Accepted For Publication On Electric Literature’s The Commuter?

  • If your work is selected, they can offer a total payment of $100.

All submissions will be accepted through their Submittable page. There, you’ll be expected to submit your author’s bio and a cover letter

To increase your chances of getting accepted,

Not sure what to write about? Get writing ideas from our list of podcasts.

Good Luck as you submit to Electric Literature’s The Commuter!

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