Lengthy Poem Contest 2023/ How To Apply (Prize: $300) Lengthy Poem Contest 2023 is currently reading entries for a lengthy poem contest in 2023. The poem must be of at least three 120 lines, or roughly chapbook-length. Poem cycles are accepted. They do not want prose poems. It is best to divide it into parts or sections, though this is not a strict requirement.

Submission Guidelines Lengthy Poem Contest 2023

  • Your work must include line breaks, no prose poems.
  • Must be at least 120 lines, not counting the title, partitions between stanzas, or paratextual elements– such as epigraphs or dedications– while no longer than, roughly, chapbook length.
  • Due to their internet publication and its daily posts, it is best to divide the work into parts or sections of some sort, though this is certainly not a strict requirement. Parts should be separately titled, numbered or otherwise differentiated from one another. Uninterrupted works will still be considered.
  • Poem cycles will be considered.
  • They require clear writing. This means your poem should have a stance, an argument, or defense. This may be published, at your prerogative, alongside the rest of the work.
  • Send your best work. You will write better, soon.
  • Edit till there is no editing left to be done. View Editing Tips.
  • As describing taste for poems is unavoidably a futile endeavor, they recommend poems of the current contest judge Paul-Newell Reaves’ favorite poets, along with two poets that he does not appreciate.
  • Favorites: W.B. Yeats for his epiphanies; Elizabeth Bishop for her softness; Kahlil Gibran for his philosophizing; Jane Shore for her characters; T.S. Eliot for his grandiosity ; Lauryn Hill for her meta-narratives.
  • Does not appreciate:Wallace Stevens; W.S. Merwin; Edmund Spenser (author of the Faerie Queene)
  • Please include a cover letter.
  • Add a line count.
  • Please include a phone number, should the replies be lost. In no way will it be distributed or published.
  • You may choose to include a brief bio in the third person. The proudest moments are the opportunities to present under-published authors. If you have none or few prior publications, be sure to tell them.
  • Email all you wish the contest organizers to consider in a single downloadable document– PDFs not preferred, as they are difficult to transcribe to our site–
  • MUST include the subject line “Lengthy Poem Contest”— to [email protected] 
  • Deadline January 3rd, 2023.



The prize money is 300 U.S. dollars to a single winner of a
Lengthy Poem Contest.

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