Crooked Marquee Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $50 and more)
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Crooked Marquee Is Accepting Pitches/ How To Submit (Pay: $50 and more)

Crooked Marquee is a movie-centric website that entertains, informs, and empowers its readers with amusing insights and unique perspectives on the film industry. 

They publish opinions and analysis on movie trends, specific films, current news, and more. If you are not an experienced writer, please read this article: 10 Creative Writing Tips For Beginners.


General Submission Guidelines For Crooked Marquee

  • Crooked Marquee publishes 5-6 pieces a week, choosing content carefully due to limited space.
  • All content is produced by freelancers; there are no full-time or staff positions.
  • Crooked Marquee retains the rights to the content once it is published. 
  • Submissions should include a brief description of the article, examples or a summary of the main points, and links to previous writing.
  • Browsing Crooked Marquee’s archives is recommended to get a feel for their preferred style and content.
  • Creative and humorous pitches, even on popular or over-discussed subjects, are considered if they bring a fresh perspective.
  • Email your pitch to Jason Bailey, Editor at Crooked Marquee, at or you can submit here. 


What They Want

Crooked Marquee Wants:

  • Opinion and analysis of movie trends, specific current films, or current news in the film world.
  • Retrospectives, appreciations, or deconstructions of actors or directors.
  • Re-examinations of older films that have become newly relevant.
  • Personal essays related to movies, provided they are unique or noteworthy.
  • Creative, satirical, or out-of-the-box pieces.


What They Don’t Want

They Don’t Want:

  • Movie reviews and weekly columns.
  • Basic lists or rankings without a unique angle.
  • Clickbait, contrarian hot takes, or celebrity gossip.
  • Speculation, predictions, or suggestions about future films or events.
  • Content unrelated to movies (though TV or video game content might be considered in the future).
  • Common personal essays without an unusual or noteworthy angle.
  • Pitches that are vague or undeveloped.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Freelancers with unique, well-thought-out ideas about movies.
  • Writers who can provide links to previous work or unpublished samples.
  • No cover letters or résumés required.
  • There is also no entry fee.



Pay starts at $50 per piece. Contributors are paid per article on a case-by-case basis.

For more details, you can contact Jason Bailey, Editor at Crooked Marquee, via email at




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