17 Jul, 2024

Join Us As We Tweet-Meet With The Author Of #SweetCrudeOdyssey

Hurray! Our book of the month has been featured on the prestigious BellaNaija Review page. The reviewer was excited about Lawrence Amaeshi’s Sweet Crude Odyssey for so many reasons. Not only did she find it thoroughly researched, she found the tale compelling. Below is an excerpt of the review: “I should give the author credit […]

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Announcing The Book Of The Month

Immediately I read the first two pages of Lawrence Amaeshi’s Sweet Crude Odyssey, I knew I wanted to make it a book of the month. And guess what? I devoured the fast-paced, gripping novel within a few hours, and I had a lot to think about. Interestingly, other literary bloggers are partnering with us on […]

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You Are Welcome To The Online Book Tour Of Umari Ayim’s Guardian Of The Fall

Creative writing news is elated to host Umari Ayim’s novel ”Guardian of the fall” online book tour.  This book tour promises to give you insights into the supernatural aspects of our African belief system. This novel poses a long standing philosophical question ”Are our actions solely ours or are they predetermined by forces stronger than […]

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We gladly invite you to the online book tour and book reading of Beyond The Trial by  Chigozie Anuli Mbadugha Five literary blogs will host this book tour on five different days. You do not want to miss this book tour for anything. Create time in your busy schedule and attend this thought provoking book tour. […]

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Book Tour Announcement: Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon By Nike Campbell-Fatoki

In partnership with Quramo publishing, you are invited to the online book tour and book reading of Nigerian-American author Nike Campbell-Fatoki, Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon, a collection of short stories. Nine literary blogs will host her on five different days. The tour promises to be rewarding. There will be varied readings across all stops and free […]

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Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Set To Live Chats With Fans On Guardian UK Webchat

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie will be featured on Guardian UK’s webchat tomorrow, where she will respond to questions from fans all over the world. People have started posting questions on various issues ranging from her thoughts on the Obama administration and drone attacks, to feminism, and if she would be writing a sequel to the epic novel, Half […]

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