Calls For Submission From Agnes And True (Award: $75 per Fiction Piece)

Talented writers are invited to submit short fiction to Agnes and True. This prestigious literary journal doesn’t charge any reading fee. The editors want stories that have a Canadian sensibility. This doesn’t mean writers from other parts of the world cannot submit stories. No. Feel free to send your stories from wherever you live. If you haven’t read any Canadian fiction, perhaps you should read the works of Mavis Gallant (my favorite writer), Margaret Atwood (I recommend her short story, Hairball) and definitely, Alice Munro. Or you can read my short story, Hopeville which appeared in a prestigious Canadian Lit Mag, years ago. Forgive me if my list sounds too feministic.

You can gain inspiration from some of the outstanding stories on our list of podcasts for writers.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Word count: 500-10,000 .
  • All stories must show insight on the writer’s part. Do your homework.
  • Do not send racist or sexually explicit stories
  • Submit your story in word or pdf formats
  • The editors read all submissions without bias. They don’t want you to submit your biography on the same page as your story. You can include send your bio in the comments section (if you must send it) However,, they will only ask for your bio, if they are interested in publishing your work.
  • Don’t bother to include a list of your publishing credits to date. The editors at Agnes and True aren’t interested in reading them.

How To Appliy

Payment and emolument
$75.00 [CAD] per story on publication.

Agnes and True celebrates the achievement of women. In addition, we are particularly interested in discovering and publishing the work of emerging older writers (both female and male)

Of course, young writers can try their luck as well.

Good luck to everyone.


Photo credit: Agnes and True Website

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