Call for submissions: 60 Years of Chinua Achebe and the State of African Literature (Pay: TBD))

The Republic literary journal is currently accepting essays for its October/November 2019 issue,. This upcoming issue will focus on the theme: 60 Years of Chinua Achebe and the State of African Literature.

The editors are particularly interested in essays that focus on Nigeria and Africa. Essays can explore one or more of the following topics:

⎈ Chinua Achebe’s (re)imagination of Africa and/or what it means to read Achebe today;

⎈ Defining/locating the ‘African’ in African literature;

⎈ Language and decolonization (e.g. Who owns English?);

⎈ African literature within economies of cultural production;

⎈ Gender, sexuality and cultural disruption through writing;

⎈ Afrofuturism and African futures beyond crisis and dystopia;

⎈ The role of writers in the modern world; and

⎈ Broader historical and/or literary affairs.


Submissions guidelines:

Essays must be analytical and engaging.

Lectures, speeches,book reviews and reading list can serve as authoritative/definitive subject-matter guides to readers who may have limited knowledge on history and/or literature.

Word count:  1,500 to 5,000 words

First drafts are welcome

Deadline for submissions:  Sunday 25 August 2019.


How to submit your essay:

  • All submissions must be sent via email
  • Send all submissions as MS-Word doc attachments to [email protected].


Essayists whose work appear  in this issue will be paid. The price hasn’t been stated.

Forward all inquiries to:[email protected]


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