Book Review: Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad?
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Book Review: Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad?

Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad? was written by  Ugochukwu Ugonna and published by Agbalumo Publishing Services in 2023. The collection of short stories caught the attention of Nigerian readers due to its title. Thereby stirring curiosity for readers. 


This article takes its readers through a review of Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad? to know why it became one of the most read books in Nigeria as of late 2023.

Who drove nearly all Lagos men mad?

Book Blurb 

Deep in the heart of Lagos — the center of excellence, from Festac to Ikeja, Surulere to Sangotedo, the sizzling love lives of the diverse humans parading the dating space of this boisterous city are examined through this collection of eleven short stories. These stories beg the question: Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad?

There’s a story of the wife of an Afrobeats legend living her best life, another of a girl returned to the streets where she belonged, a Christian nurse who could not afford to exceed a certain body count before marriage, a mother unsuspectingly raising a mad man in her toxic home, the guy satisfied with just-the-tip, another of a match that was made in heaven, a girl who swiped right for hook-up but fell in love, and another who wants to burn down her Grandma’s house because of penis.



Surely almost every one who reads stories about Nigeria has heard a lot — and for some, enough about the city of Lagos. But to be honest, the writers who take up Lagos as the location of their stories, make readers want to know more and more.

Who drove nearly all Lagos men mad? Has been termed a response to Damilare Kuku’s Nearly All the Men in Lagos are mad.

The collection of stories has 11 short-stories and are written in varying point of views. Every story showcases the madness in the City of Lagos. And this review would give an insight on whether the story is worth you reading or not.


The Review of Who Drove Nearly All Lagos men mad?


The first story in the collection begins with one of the most captivating hooks this reader has ever come across. A hilarious hook with just the right amount of action to get readers ready for the men and women of Lagos.

Bella’s tinder match considers her a hook-up partner and not a real girlfriend, and although Bella would have not minded this term, she had something she was trying to protect and Jidenna might have to bend for her to have her way. This first story ‘Swiped Right’ is perfect for the collection’s introduction, as it gets one ready for the bumpy ride ahead.
More so, the narrative style of this story keeps the readers at attention and prepares you for the next!

Who drove nearly all Lagos Men Mad?

The short stories announces itself and the author’s distinct writing style. Outstandingly, Ugochukwu mixes modern day internet slangs in his writings, showing how contemporary his plot, writing style and voice is.

In Just the tip, a story of a supposedly virgin girlfriend and her celebate relationship, Ugochukwu writes

“Woke up today and chose Violence”

Further more, in Mugu from Mushin, a good samaritan returns a through and through Lagos babe, to the street where she belongs.

There are a lot of hilarious stories in this collection, one cannot flip a page without having a good laugh. These serve as comic relief for the depth behind the traumatic experiences of these characters and their love lives.


Characterization and more 

On characterization, the author does exceedingly well. He portrays Lagos people just rightly, the hook-ups, big boys wanting to show off, influencer lifestyle, everyone in Lagos dating everyone, stereotypes based on area of residence— Ugochukwu taps into every aspect of Lagos — from the mainland to the island.

In the short stories, the depth of various characters can be seen. The author took his time carefully crafting these identities and it must be applauded.

However, whilst kicking off with the most interesting stories, it is easy to miss how the fire begins to burn out from three stories towards the last. Wednesdate, Follow-come wahala and that weekend in August, reads a but dull — there seems to be no thrill while reading these — as though the writer’s excitement has waned.

Although the writer makes up for this in the last story! Which gives us twists and turns and also, directly relates to the book’s title! 

The collection of stories all have a similar theme that shines through — and that is Love, in all its forms. Romantic, unrequited, past love, even agape. Other themes that can be seen are betrayal, deception, stereotype, desperation, relationships, sex. Also, the portrayal of what relationships in Lagos are said to be, was excellently done by the writer. In some stories, he highlighted and emphasized on stereotypical happenings, while he in some, he gave true love stories.

The dabble between true love and lies goes on and on in the story, and I think this is its distinguishing feature — showing us every kind of relationship, the ones that fail and the ones that excel.

However, the erotic scenes in the novel were at some point disturbing. Nearly all the men in the short stories easily masturbated or sort sexual pleasure. This addition became distracting at some point.


Who Drove Nearly All Lagos Men Mad? A response to Nearly All the Men in Lagos are Mad

Overall, Ugonna Ugochukwu has delivered a collection of stories that would take you on a range of emotions— especially hilariously. It is a light read. If you’re looking to laugh, and see Lagos through the eyes of many, Who drove Nearly all Lagos men mad? Is the go-to.



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