Woods Reader Is Paying For Articles/ How To Submit (Pay: Poetry $25, Articles $100)
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Woods Reader Is Paying For Articles/ How To Submit (Pay: Poetry $25, Articles $100)

For those who love woodland areas like public preserves, forests, tree farms, backyard woodlots or other patches of trees and wildlife, Woods Reader publications is for you.

Woods Reader like to hear about others’ experiences and insights, especially those that make an impression that they think about long after they have finished the article. You can learn how to improve your writing and make money from it by reading this article: 5 Tips For New Freelance Writers To Improve Their Writing Skills

Woods Reader Guidelines

  • Submitted content should center around trees and woodlands.
  • Please note that they are not looking for articles which put urban environments or lifestyles in a negative light, rather ones that describe the woodland experience.
  • The magazine does not take political positions nor promote any particular woodland management practice but will share educational information of general interest. They do not also publish hunting stories.
  • Writers of all experience, including those who have never submitted a story before but have a story to tell are welcomed.
  • Also note that at this time Woods Reader is only accepting submissions from authors based in the United States or Canada.
  • Woods Reader follows AP style. Stories do not have to be submitted in this style, their editorial staff will adjust where needed.
  • They are primarily interested in stories about experiences relating to woodlands. Stories should ideally be about 500-1000 words, but any length will be considered.
  • Before submitting, check your grammar! Minor changes can be made to bring a story into AP style, but they do have some pet peeves: correct use of its and it’s, for example.
  • Woods Reader is all for reality, but their magazine is designed to uplift spirits. Please limit references to death, despondency, etc. Positive writing is encouraged.
  • A frequent topic in submissions is the story of a hike through the woods. They accept a limited number of stories on any one topic, so be aware “hiking” is a full category. “History”, “woodcrafting” and “how-to DIY” are topics they would like to see more often.
  • About poetry, please note that they are a reader-oriented magazine as opposed to a literary magazine. Successful submissions use ordinary words to describe and enhance something of a common experience. Woods Reader buys about four short poems per issue.

Woods Reader Submisions

  • Submissions may be made in the body of an email to: submissions@woodsreader.com. Mail can also do it to: Woods Reader, P.O. Box 42, Spring Lake, Minn. 56680.
  • They accept simultaneous submissions. Please indicate in your email that you are making a simultaneous submission.


Woods Reader also buys articles in the following categories with woodland themes:

  • Personal experience.
  • Educational or nonfiction.
  • The Woodland Philosopher.
  • Fiction/fantasy.
  • DIY article using woodland materials (accompanying photographs requested).
  • Humor blog or cartoon.
  • Short poetry.
  • Destinations.
  • Book reviews (please contact them prior to submitting).
  • Assigned topic to authors they have previously published.
  • They also buy the occasional longer fiction or true adventure story which may be serialized over up to four issues (2000-5000 words).

Note: They do publish reprints where you as the author own the copyright.


Woods Reader buys high resolution color photographs taken in woodland areas. To submit, send a low resolution photo.

They also assign illustrations in black and white or color, preferably pen/ink, colored pencil or watercolor. To submit sample work, please send a link to a portfolio or several low resolution images.


For most categories we purchase first North American serial rights, plus reprint rights for Woods Reader anthologies and other publications within the company. Rights to both print and digital distribution are included.

You must agree that:

The submission is your own work.

For nonfiction and personal experience stories, the events depicted are true.

Also, if your submission is a reprint or a derivative of another published work by you, you must notify them.


Payments range from $25 for short poetry to over $100 for longer articles. All payments are in U.S. dollars and are paid on acceptance (allow two weeks).

Photographs and illustrations are by offer. Offers for reprints are less than those for unpublished works. You can get more information at their website.





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