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The first place winner of the Ninth Glass Woman Prize ($500) is Dallas Woodburn‘s stunningly crafted and moving story “Woman, Running Late, in a Dress.” Congratulations, Dallas Woodburn!

Second prize ($100) goes to Marlee Cox‘s storyCollapse.”

Third prize ($50) goes to Kari Nguyen‘s story “The Problem With Keeping,” which has been accepted for future publication by Lost In Thought Magazine.

For the Ninth Glass Woman Prize an anonymous donor gave two additional $100 prizes, also known as the Anonymous Angel prizes. These two prizes, chosen by the donor herself, go to Teresa Stores‘ story “Fisher” (forthcoming in June 2011 in Literary Mama) and to Beverly Lucey‘s story Scissors, Paper, Rock.

For more information on the results of NINTH GLASS WOMAN PRIZE, CLICK HERE

Or go to the Glass Woman Prize Website.

Remember submissions for the Tenth Glass Woman Prize are still being recieved and read, from March 22, 2011 through September 21, 2011. Click HERE for GUIDELINES.

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