19 Jul, 2024

Get A 25% Discount In The How To Write Fantastic Short Stories Course

I am currently offering a 25% discount on the How To Write Fantastic Short Stories 5-week course. Who is eligible? Every early bird. The first eight writers who sign up and pay the N7500 or $40  fee. Payments can be made to my back account (email me for account details if interested) or via paypal […]

4 mins read

How To Write A Short Story: What Components Make A Short Story?

In the course of offering coaching services  and editorial consultation, I have read a lot of stories from talented writers. But often, there is always something missing. You can tell that the writer’s story could win awards if they understood the basics of short story writing. In this post, I’ll like to discuss one secret. What […]

3 mins read

Would You Like To Earn Money From Writing Short-Stories?

Would you like to earn money from writing short-stories? If you’re reading this, then I’m guessing your answer is, YES! You would like to earn money from writing short-stories. You can win over £2,500 in the Commonwealth Short Story Prize or £10,000 in the Caine Prize for African Writing. If you’re between the ages of […]

8 mins read