Short Story Day Africa (SSDA) was formed to allow African writers to flourish. They  need $3000 to publish, edit and print their 4th anthology of African writing; MIGRATIONS. 

The Short Story Day Africa Prize is only in its fourth year, but has already launched or boosted the careers of dozens of writers from all over the African continent and diaspora.

More than just a creative writing competition, the prize serves as a workshop in short story writing and give a great opportunity to writers who may not ordinarily have the chance. It even teaches the established writers a new thing or two.

Through the annual prize, we identify up to twenty-one promising writers from the continent and, over a period of three months, develop their stories with professional editors. The editors work closely with the writers to hone voice and technique, while imparting years of industry wisdom and teaching the all-important craft of storytelling.

The editing process becomes a private masterclass, a privilege usually reserved for those with the resources to participate in university creative writing programmes. The process is transformative, both to the story, the writer and wider African literary culture.

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In June SSDA ran seven free Flow Writing Workshops in seven African cities, and helped eighty-four writers find their voices, get out of creative blocks, and experiment with technique. We’ve also created a pioneering new editing mentorship to develop the skills of emerging editors on the continent.

What Do You Get When You Donate?

  • SSDA raised the funds to pay the team that runs the project through out the year. We now need additional funds to produce the Migrations anthology.
  • SSDA needs an additional $3000 to edit, publish and print Migrations.
  • Plus: The editing mentorship is a paid one and though we have a sponsor supplying some of the funding, they need a little extra to pay their four interns and the professional editor who will be mentoring them.
  • You get to support new and established writers and Africans write themselves into history.
  • You get to sponsor or buy a year’s mentorship for two writers.
  • You get to pre-buy Migrations before it flies off the shelves. Or buy a  slick limited edition box set of all four of their anthologies – Migrations, Water, Terra Incognita and Feast, Famine & Potluck.

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